HTC finally learn about the specifications and price phone the digital currency HTC Exodus 1

After boarding the enormous work of the digital beginning of the current year, and draws many people towards investing in this area, it seemed that there is a market on the horizon offers a dedicated smart phones for those who need devices that enable them to manage their portfolio of digital currencies.

And in the middle of last May, the company announced the HTC they have developed a smart phone a new name of HTC Exodus the that includes hardware and special techniques to support what he knows to encrypt “series of books” the Blockchain, and security technologies that form the basis of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Then she returned in July to confirm the launch of the phone through the fall of 2018.

Indeed, the announced the HTC now open for pre-order on the phone, which has become his name, Exodus 1, to begin shipping during the month of December next. You can also pay for digital currency bitcoin or item, as the price of his former, 0.15 part 4.78, or the equivalent of 960 $ (that is, if kept digital currencies on their value!)

What makes this phone special is the wallet encryption Zion developed by the company. They are used to pocket the security to know Snapdragon 845 to keep your keys hidden from parts non-reliable operating system, Android Oreo, and applications.

Will portfolio Zion download HTC Exodus 1 to portfolio work and digital that. But what if I lose the phone? Allows you the option of “Recover Keys Social” Social Key Recovery select the many reliable persons in a manner that enables them to re-create your private key if they met with. This so-called “Watch Shamir’s secret” Shamir’s Secret Sharing.

Referred to to HTC see in the Exodus a device that allows users to reserve their statements, and their currencies digital world, reserved and safe on the device and in the cloud, where it may be easier to use the sensitive information and.

Said HTC previously the Exodus will support the application of decentralization, called DApps, which work on Android system it has a global portfolio of storage of digital currencies. And the Taiwanese company that all phone will be work node, the blockchain, which is part of the network that helps to guarantee the security of systems blockchain.

With regard to the specifications of the phone that you didn’t know previously, they are now present on the location of your phone, and screen measuring 6 inches and accurately 2880×1440 pixels with the aspect ratio of the 18:9, battery with a capacity of 3,500 mAh, camera rear double accurately 12 megapixels + 16 megapixels, the front camera is dual 8 MP + 8 MP.

And phone HTC Exodus 1 also random access memory “RAM” size of 6 GB, and internal storage capacity of 128 GB, which is waterproof and dustproof in accordance with standard IP68. Enjoy other benefits, such as feature Edge Sense 2 that allows you to perform several functions by pressing on the sides of the phone.

It should be noted that the company HTC is not the first phone company to announce a device called the blockchain custom. In the month of last April, the company announced Sirin Labs that the company Foxconn will be phone of this type on behalf of Finney.

What do you think about specifications price phone HTC Exodus 1’s? Let me know in the comments.

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