HTC destroyed the sectors of virtual reality, smart phones and the staff

HTC هواتف

HTC هواتف

Administrative changes large seen by Taiwan’s HTC after the sale of the smart phone sector and the Working Group on the phones pixel is to Google as exceeded million, there are now begins the campaign of hairstyles in the United States and to integrate the most important sector in the company.

He was Chief of operations of the smart phones in the company has resigned from his position recently, and HTC to integrate the sectors of virtual reality, smart phones, under the command of one in every geographical region of the world.

Nor the exact number of laid-off employees from the North America, but it ranges between dozens and even 100 employees. However the company has confirmed to continue its commitment in the sector of smart phones where it will benefit from the same resources, which is shared with the virtual reality sector and Vive which is experiencing a remarkable recovery.

Designed HTC of integrating the public and private sectors together to reduce costs which eliminates repetitive jobs and in increasing the productivity of resources.

It is worth mentioning that the phone company last U11 has been well received by users, as the company intends to advertise another phone U12 later this year.


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