HTC Corporation unveils the list of smartphones that will get updated to Android 9 Pie

HTC Smartphones

With the issuance of the company Essential update Android 9 Pie phone Essential PH-1, and with confirmation of Huawei as working to bring this update to a number of smart phones, we are sure that there are many users of Android others who are wondering if their smartphones eligible for the update. And for those who are using HTC phones, it seems that the company HTC has confirmed to us today without their smart phones affiliate that will receive the update Android 9 Pie.

According to the police, has assured us that its smart phones that were released between the years 2017 and 2018 are eligible to get updated to Android 9 Pie. This includes the HTC U11 +HTC U11 and HTC U11 Life and +HTC U12. We’re not sure whether the company has plans to continue improving its old later, but for now, these are smart phones that make sure that you will get the update.

Unfortunately, while we know that these phones will receive the update, HTC has not said when it will be released. This means that it may take weeks or even months before we see it. Since it is expected to receive some users of Samsung phones updated to Android Oreo until the year 2019, it takes a specific period of time before up update Android 9 Pie phones the police.

We hope that reveal to us the company HTC in the near future for the time frame that will begin the launch of update Android 9 Pie the identity of its smart, but at the moment still think it’s good to see the Taiwanese company reveal some of its smart phones which will get the latest version of Android.



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