HTC are considering the possibility of bringing a helmet Vive Focus to Western markets

HTC Vive Focus

When HTC announced about the helmet Vive the new Focus, the company was able to eliminate the biggest negative bought of users in virtual reality glasses high-end current, and is the fact of being wired, thus restricting the usage experience as a whole.

The President of HTC Vive in China Alvin Wang Graylin confirmed that the company still does not have a clear roadmap for the issuance of the helmet in different global markets, and it is not because the company is not open to the idea, but because it is considered that the use the Chinese market to test the Vive Focus and the extent of its success, the policy press it is represented in the provision of power good to the greatest number of consumers, and this means that the resistance in the released non-existent, but the police don’t seem very confident of the sales at the current time.

Vive Focus in the Chinese market last November, and is supported by the Processor Snapdragon 835 and the price of about 600$.

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