HP unveils Mouse new computer sensor with the fingerprint


Manufacturers of computers, long security solutions such as sensor-fingerprint built-in computers themselves, but these solutions are barely comfortable. Thus, I have decided to HP to reveal to us today about mouse HP USB Fingerprint Mouse.

As the name suggests, her name as appears in the picture, this mouse comes equipped with a sensor fingerprint. What this means is that users will be able to use the fingerprint sensor to protect the computers of their own, but instead of having to access to your computer to conduct a survey of the print, all you have to do is put your finger on the mouse to open the computer.

HP further recommends that this mouse has to encryption security AES-256bit, which means that they will be able to store information your fingerprints securely, although we’re not sure of the number of people who feel comfortable about storing this information on the device can be lost or stolen easily.

This new mouse from HP is wired, so if you prefer the wireless accessories, maybe this mouse is not suitable for you. But if you think it would be useful, he has explained to us HP it will be available for purchase in the month of December at a price of 49$.

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