HP unveils laptop dual-screen

Revealed company HP HP for a large range of new products for the players belonging to the brand Omen, including her laptop, custom gaming HP Omen X 2S led by 15 inches, which is the first device to a laptop dual-screen of the HP.

And the hardware manufacturers innovation after becoming the most laptops, custom gaming thin, lightweight, and powerful gear, so trying device HP new laptop from the company Razor Razer named Project Valerie of the three screens.

Discovered HP many interesting things while conducting market research for the new product, including the use of a lot of players, especially the Chinese, second screen shaped like a smart phone when playing games on devices such as laptops, so they use Instant Messenger and chat different.

Said Angelica Yang Angelica Yang, director of professional NPI for games in HP: looking for players permanently for new techniques, because you follow the game, the Windows browser multiple chat, chat, at the same time, so the company will provide them through one device, and they can increase the width of any particular part of the screen immediately.

The laptop processors Intel Core i9-9880H of the ninth generation with a frequency up to 5 GHz, graphics NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q with 8 GB of VRAM and NVIDIA G-Sync, and 32 GB of RAM, and 2 terabytes of internal storage space of the type SSD.

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It also comes with memory Optional type Intel Optane, a provider of a range of thermal solution, including a new system for cooling flows from the 5 directions, and we heat dedicated for the CPU, fan and three phase capacity of 12 volts, and many of the channels thermal cooling.

Come to the main screen IPS LED 15 inches and accurately 1080×1920 pixels, refresh rate 144/240 Hz, or 4K HDR, at the rate of 60Hz refresh, to the side of the screen secondary LCD measuring 6 inches and accurately 1080×1920 pixels, the top of the keyboard.

The second screen allows users to watch videos from YouTube, or monitor the sites statistics and the performance of the system, or the chat on Twitch, and you can also create partitions of the Home screen and move them to the second screen, such as route maps, in addition to the possibility of opening apps, such as the Microsoft Edge, separately, or use them as plate numbers virtual.

And thickness of the calculator Omen X 2s 15 up to 20 mm only, but HP didn’t mention his weight, and battery life, can be expected to affect the second screen negative on these two things.

The starting price case of $ 2100. copy of the Intel i7-9750H HC, and 16 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of internal storage space of the type SSD, card graphics Nvidia RTX is 2070, or 2700 $ for 1 terabyte of internal storage space of the type SSD, card graphics RTX 2080 Max-Q.

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