HP launches laptop Spectre x360 battery lasts 22.5 hours

اتش بي تطلق لابتوب Spectre x360 ببطارية تدوم 22.5 ساعة

The company announced the HP on the new version of Apple Spectre x360 design dialogue different angles and beveled with USB C price of the company’s 13 and 15-inch and both support the touch pens ink website, where all women work two processors Intel second generation will be available in November in stores of HP, Best Buy from the United States.

Copy Spectre x360 – 13-inch screen with FHD and 4K works processor quad-core Intel Core of the third generation, but the thing is very possible in this version her battery that lasts 22.5 hours, according to the company, while you have the RAM 16 GB storage 1 TB will be SDD up to 512 GB, with the graphics processor Intel UHD GRAPHICS 620, and optional support to provide LTE connectivity with the calling card of Intel eSIM, and the price of this version 1.141$.

 13.3 Spectre x360

As for the larger screen of 15 inches suitable for professionals that rely on accurate frequency and high performance processor the central CPU and high efficiency processing unit GPU graphics, where the Spectre x360 this processor Intel quad-core or hexa-core third-generation in accordance with the graphics processing unit of Nvidia GeForce MX 150 and GTX 1050Ti respectively, in accordance with the processor, which perform with high ability in the field of gaming and programming videos also, where have these women double fan cooling system to ensure high performance, the Can Device RAM for 16 GB storage up to 2 terabytes will be sought SDD storage up to 512 GB, and will void its price 1.389$.

And women on the sensor fingerprint on the side of the device, in addition to two USB C the rapid growth of data, besides HDMI 2.0, a reader for memory cards external.

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