HP best seller to match the Assos worse in 2017


Reports emerged the best institutions for research and Statistics Gartner and IDC, which are that the American company HP was in first place in terms of the number of shipments to match through 2017, followed by Lenovo and Dell in the first three positions.

HP shipped the most PCs in 2017

Let’s start with the numbers the fourth quarter where shipments amounted the total market for personal computers 71,5 million device been HP’s best performing has grown its shipments of 6.6 percent compared with the worst decliners were companies the ASUS.

HP shipped the most PCs in 2017

Look on the company’s performance during the full year amounted to shipments of companies 262,5 million pcs. The HP is better developed Assos the most decline.

However still a market for personal computers is suffering declines in annual for more than three years where shipments fell last year by 2.8% compared to the previous year, it seems that no hope for me in spite of all the innovations and price reductions offered by companies.


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