HP advises owners of its devices updated to correct a security vulnerability

The company issued HP earlier this month a security update to apply the HP Touchpoint Analytics, and advised the owners of its devices to update to address a security bug which was discovered during the summer by researchers and security of SafeBreach Labs.

It features HP Touchpoint Analytics, which is the application comes pre-installed on Systems HP, a security vulnerability that could allow malware to gain administrator rights and grab on sensitive systems.

The company advised the owners of the computers desktops computers laptops by following the instructions detailed in the security guidelines of your company and update applications HP Touchpoint Analytics as soon as possible.

Cook users typically label “Bloatware” on the application of HP Touchpoint Analytics, which is a type of software comes pre-installed on new devices its purpose is to collect diagnostic data about the performance of devices and send the information to HP.

Usually application included in the whitelist, and run it using administrator rights on the systems HP to be able to access details of the various programs running programs and components of other devices.

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Explained the bilge Hadar Peleg Hadar, security researcher at SafeBreach Labs in the report that he found a way to hijack the normal mode to the and download DLL files harmful to run malicious code elevated privileges.

And discover security researcher what allows IT security experts to escalate privileges to local (LPE), a kind of gaps are very common in modern software.

Although the problem will not allow hackers to seize system from a remote location, but they allow for local applications or harmful software to transfer malicious commands through the code its own implementation of those operations administrator rights to the full.

While most of the vulnerabilities in the (LPE) low risk, only that the severity of this gap is large because the base installation is huge to the investigation, where there is the hundreds of millions of computers desktops and laptops from HP.

Bought users in the past that the app is a spy software diverse as analytics, and slow down the application systems that have been installed on them, the police denied over the years any of these rumors.

Recall that the company has introduced features HP Touchpoint Analytics users in 2017, and said: it gathers diagnostic information about the performance of the devices, and are not to share any data with the HP, unless access is granted explicitly, and customers can cancel the subscription or uninstall the service at any time.

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