How’s the budget graphics card with the help of mining? A new experiment

In early July we held a big experiment: I took three a gaming computer with different graphics cards, chose a different cryptocurrency and mainily exactly seven days. Then calculated the income, deduct expenses and announced the verdict. Summary: mining is profitable. But what if you could do the same with budget graphics cards? Will it be possible to get a plus, or an idea doomed to failure? Tell.

The contents

Mining-experiment from 2Miners

The test was carried out according to the old scheme. We have collected the computers with different graphics cards, identified the most profitable coin, started mining and summed up. This time it will be the same, but with slight modifications in the form of cards. Model of the more affordable category — this is not a GTX 1080 ti of last test. The list of participants the following:

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti;
  • AMD Radeon RX470;
  • AMD Radeon RX480;
  • AMD Radeon RX570;
  • AMD Radeon RX580.

In the experiment, remained and unchanged rules.

We started on July 22 and finished 29th. Now go to the point.

How’s Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti

The first participant computer with the GTX 1050 ti. Model budget: for the version with 4 GB on Craigslist asking for 6 thousand rubles. A small price is partly due to the old age of the model. GTX 1050 with ti version was presented in October 2016.

What cryptocurrencies mine on the GTX 1050 ti

Last Monday we went to the ROI calculator mining 2CryptoCalcto determine the most profitable coins. The scheme of work with a calculator is simple: enter Hasrat — that is, the performance of the card, indicate the appropriate algorithms and the results obtained.

If you do not know Hasrat it doesn’t matter. Soon the service will remember the figures for the most popular graphics cards and will enter the data automatically.

The amount of memory on our GTX 1050 ti is 4 GB. It’s not so much on the background of the current flagships, so you need to choose the coins easier.

2CryptoCalc advised to look in the direction ZelCash. After a recent hard forks a cryptocurrency often finds himself in the top coins on the profitability of mining.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

We agree — we dig ZelCash. By the way, to do this. Here is a short video that will help. It does have subtitles in Russian.

Course ZelCash ZEL

Immediately after that, we recorded the rate of ZEL. This is necessary in order to estimate the total profit and to know the reason of possible deviations from the expected yield. If the rate falls in half, any forecast is unlikely to be relevant.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The rate was 12.50 cents. At the end of the experiment it was equal to 14.05 cents. Remember.

Projected earnings of mining on GTX 1050 ti

According to the tradition recorded forecast 2CryptoCalc with a duration of one week. The calculator promised 2.39 dollar of income. We are talking about income and the cost of electricity are different, so we subtract it by hand.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

Just in case we recall that 2CryptoCalc — as well as other calculators profitability of mining — does not predict the future. The service knows the actual rates of return and based on them shows forecast data. Therefore, deviations in forecasted and actual numbers are not an issue. This is normal.

How’s the GTX 1050 ti

We connected the computer with the GTX 1050 ti 2Miners to the pool and started mining weekly race. Statistics still are in the public domain. The results of the video card, you can check the link.


Computer earned 16.57259 ZEL is equivalent 2.328 USD. Calculator 2CryptoCalc worked great: the final result of only 2.6 percent below forecast.

How much was spent on electricity

Per hour computer with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti spent 130 watts. A day is 3.12 kWh, and a week — 21.84 kWh. Today, the average rate in Moscow and St. Petersburg is 4 rubles per kilowatt*hour, so the week of the system unit is 87.36 rubles, or 1.38 dollars.

The resulting net profit of mining ZelCash the GeForce GTX 1050 ti — 0.948 dollar (2.328 — 1.38).

The amount is small, but there is a video card cheap. In addition, 94.8 cents per week turns into $ 49 per year. But if you have two GTX 1050 ti, we get even more than a hundred.

Why more, not 98 (48*2)? There is a small but very important trick. Take a computer with GeForce GTX 1050 ti, which consumes 130 watts. Of them on the graphics card accounts for 80 watts, the rest consumes computer and components in a motherboard, memory and other things.

So, if you add a second GTX 1050 ti, the performance of hashing will increase two-fold, but consumption will increase by 60 percent. Hence will gain more profits. If you use four graphics cards, Hasrat will increase 4 times, while consumption of nearly 3.

How’s AMD Radeon RX470

RX470 became the first “red” — that is, from AMD — video card in our experiment. Models from this manufacturer sharpened by cryptocurrency on algorithm Ethash. Most often they dig Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

That mine Radeon RX470

In response to a question referring back to 2CryptoCalc. We recommend to dig Ethereum Classic, which is kind of like bring 55 cents income per day. Well.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

Course Ethereum Classic

The day of the experiment for ETC offered 6.45 USD.

Source: CoinMarketCap

At the end of the test course was exactly $ 6. In the end we have a 7-percent decline, which certainly influenced the final profit.

Projected income Radeon RX470

If all goes according to plan, 2CryptoCalc promised 3.81 dollars per week mining Ethereum Classic on RX470.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

How’s RX470

The results RX470 if necessary, check the link. And here they are in pictures.

Source: 2Miners

Just computer brought 0.55406 ETC or 3.32 dollars, that on 13% below expected yield. Why?

  • For a start, dropped the course — we’ve already established that;
  • In addition, throughout the week, the growing difficulty of mining.

Let us examine the last paragraph. The complexity of mining in a day mining was 115.06 Tons, while on 24 July, the figure increased to 123.34 T

Source: 2Miners

In other words, miners in the network has more reason to dig Ethereum Classic has become more difficult. And since all week we mainily on the same card, we have lost revenues.

See also: Complexity and Hasrat network Ethereum on the fingers.

How much was spent on electricity

Computer RX470 spent 165 watts. A week is 27.72 kWh, which in monetary terms is 110.88 1.75 ruble or the dollar.

The resulting net profit of mining Ethereum Classic on AMD Radeon RX470 — 1.57 dollar (3.32 — 1.75).

Here the profit is more serious — besides, in a year it will become $ 81. But if the difficulty of mining in a certain period of decrease, you can earn even more.

How’s AMD Radeon RX570

Moving on to the next model — the computer RX570. It is also AMD, so mine will Ethash-coins.

That mine on the AMD Radeon RX570

Calculator is advised not to invent the wheel and dig the same Classic Ethereum.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

With him we can get about 59 cents a day.

Course Ethereum Classic

Indicators Ethereum Classic the same as was the case with the RX470. 6.45 USD per ETC at the beginning of the experiment and $ 6 at the end.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Projected income Radeon RX570

Again turned to the 2CryptoCalc. According to the forecast of the profitability calculator mining week mining ETC will bring us 4.07 USD.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

How’s mining Radeon RX570

In the end, one week computer RX570 dug 0.60282 ETC or 3.61 dollar, statistics — the link. This is almost 12 percent below the forecast result that is almost identical to the squat RX470. Conclusion? Also affected by the jumps of difficulty of mining.


By the way, setting up mining Ethereum Classic no problems. If you also card from AMD, we recommend you to watch this video.

The cost of electricity

Computer with AMD Radeon RX570 inside spent 160 watts per hour. Over the week we receive 26.88 kWh, which translated to 107.52 ruble or 1.70 USD.

The resulting net profit of mining Ethereum Classic on AMD Radeon RX570 — 1.91 dollar (3.61 — 1.70).

This is the best result in the experiment. 1.91 dollars a day turn into $ 99 a year. By the way, advanced miners are able to configure a video card to reduce power consumption by 20-30 percent. The money saved turned into profit.

How’s AMD Radeon RX480

Next party — Radeon RX480. Graphics card kicks off on Craigslist about 8 thousand rubles. Let’s see how quickly it can be mined for the amount.

That mine on the AMD Radeon RX480

The miracle did not happen — 2CryptoCalc again advised mine Ethereum Classic. As you may have guessed, the measurements were carried out at the same time. Because ETC in that time was more profitable than ETH, the calculator was making the choice in favor of Ethereum Classic.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

Course Ethereum Classic

Everything here still, so just recall: 6.45 USD per ETC on the first day and $ 6 in the past.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Projected income Radeon RX480

We have introduced your Herat for Ethereum Classic and received this forecast.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

4.18 dollars per week. Sounds good, but my guess is that the final result will be lower.

How’s mining Radeon RX480

Instincts did not disappoint: RX480 earned 0.60034 ETC or 3.60 USD. It’s a little more than 13 percent of the subsidence in comparison with the forecast. In other words, everything is the same as with the RX470.


The data is here.

The cost of electricity

RX480 inside the computer spends 180 W per hour — the maximum result in this experiment. In a week what 30.24 kWh, which will cost the pocket 120.96 1.91 rubles, or the dollar.

The resulting net profit of mining Ethereum Classic on AMD Radeon RX480 — 1.69 dollar (3.60 — 1.91).

Also a good result for the year will amount to $ 88. If you try, you will be able to get a second video card on Craigslist and double your earnings.

How’s mining for AMD Radeon RX580

Finally, the fifth and last participant of the experiment the computer with the RX580. It to us was to find the hardest, but a full study requires sacrifice.

That mine on the AMD Radeon RX580

You guessed it: 2CryptoCalc advised to dig Ethereum Classic. Ethereum was behind by 5 cents income per day, so the calculator did its job.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

Course ETC

For reminders: for the week course Ethereum Classic dipped by 7 percent. At the end of the experiment, it was exactly $ 6.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Projected income Radeon RX580

The mining calculator predicted 4.27 dollar of income per week. Overall, the results on AMD are about on the same level.

Source: 2CryptoCalc

How’s mining Radeon RX580

Statistics on the RX580 is located on the link.


The computer with this model GPU earned 0.58615 ETC or 3.5169 dollar. Not a bad result.

How much was spent on electricity

Finally, the last computer RX580 spent the same 180 watts per hour of work. Get 120.96 1.91 rubles, or the dollar cost of electricity.

The resulting net profit of mining Ethereum Classic on AMD Radeon RX580 — 1.60 dollar (3.5169 — 1.91).

RX580 for a year will bring $ 83. And if the exchange rate ETC will grow up, then increase the profit.

To sum up the General results of the experiment for the week:

  • GeForce GTX 1050 ti — 0.948 dollar;
  • AMD Radeon RX470 — 1.57 dollar;
  • AMD Radeon RX570 — 1.91 dollar;
  • AMD Radeon RX480 — 1.69 dollar;
  • AMD Radeon RX580 — 1.60 dollar.

Whether mine in 2019?

Definitely, and the sooner you begin — the better. Today, even computers with budget graphics cards allow you to earn a relatively tidy sum a year. Last enough to buy used graphics card, and therefore profit after a year or may be twice. And then even two graphics cards, another couple and will get the whole farm. Many came to mining in this way.

Important point: the bullish cycle — that is active growth of the cryptocurrency — has not yet arrived. Bitcoin is now far even the record of 2019, so the rest of the market is also in no hurry to grow. But then there will be a lot of fun.

By the way, and if there is no video card you can always sell. Or start to play Fortnite and become a millionaire without mining.


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