How you can create stickers WhatsApp your own and add them to the

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كيف يمكنك إنشاء ملصقات واتساب خاصة بك وإضافتها للتطبيق

Launched the application instant messaging WhatsApp for the past month feature posters for my operating Android andiOS iOS as part of app update last.

In the beginning I got App users, numbering 1.5 million users on a limited set of posters through the first package submitted by the design team, your boss and some other artists who are selected by the company.

Since the launch of this feature will become posters is very popular among users of WhatsApp, as the water is open to a third party, which means that developers from all over the world they can create and add stickers to develop WhatsApp.

There are 12 packs stickers introduction of the company, as there is a link to download the package labels possible directly from the store Google Play, but now that you can create stickers of your own and you can also convert your personal photos for a poster to use in the chat WhatsApp with your friends.

Here’s how to create special stickers and adding them to your WhatsApp:

You can’t create a collage of your own through WhatsApp directly but you’ll need to the external application publishes through his pack stickers WhatsApp your own and then you add to WhatsApp and send it to whomever you want from your contacts during chat.

Of these applications application name Sticker Maker for WhatsApp , which lets you convert any image into a poster, where you can create stickers to the pictures in the gallery of your phone or on Google Drive or from saved photos in the Photos application Google etc.

Here’s how to use the application Sticker maker to create stickers of your own and upload your personal photos to the stickers WhatsApp:

  • Go to the App Store and the Android “Google Play”
  • Install the application Sticker maker for WhatsApp on your device
  • After running the application Press on the option to create pack stickers New Create a new sticker pack
  • Will require you to enter a name for the package stickers sticker pack name and the name of the work boot sticker pack author
  • Then tap on the option Create Create

كيف يمكنك إنشاء ملصقات واتساب خاصة بك وإضافتها للتطبيق

  • Click on the new menu option will open a new page let you add up to 30 poster of your own
  • Note that the first poster up there will be a package icon which will appear as a pack of stickers in WhatsApp
  • Click on the icons to add sticker, add sticker to start creating posters of your own knowledge, with the note that it can not work package the stickers contain less than 5 stickers
  • Once you download the picture that you want to convert to a poster you’ll see at the bottom of the screen several tools to modify your photo and cut the part you want to be the poster only
  • Cut the picture as you want then press the button to save the label Yes save sticker

كيف يمكنك إنشاء ملصقات واتساب خاصة بك وإضافتها للتطبيق

  • Repeat these steps above to add more custom labels inside the package
  • Once you finished stickers that you want, click on the option Add to WhatsApp Add to whatsapp and is located in the bottom right corner
  • You’ll see a screen popup asking you to confirm addition by clicking on the button Add

كيف يمكنك إنشاء ملصقات واتساب خاصة بك وإضافتها للتطبيق

  • After you add the package labels will appear automatically in the application WhatsApp within the package labels, and package definition poster of your own in the app using the code that I put out.

Once these steps are completed you can move on to WhatsApp and send these posters to your contacts and friends who will also be able to display the name of the package the posters and the author, as they can redirect the poster to their contacts.

كيف يمكنك إنشاء ملصقات واتساب خاصة بك وإضافتها للتطبيق

Note: you can create a sticker pack of your own by applying Sticker maker for WhatsApp contains up to 30 posters per package per hour, once you add the package to WhatsApp and not you can modify or add stickers to it.

It should be noted that you can not deny the fact that emoji stickers وgifs becoming a more popular way to express your feelings but with the stickers WhatsApp your you now have a better option to make your conversations more personalized.

The gate Arab News Technical how you can create stickers WhatsApp your own and add them to the

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