How will Google Pixel 4

From smartphones, search giant Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Google have put a lot of rustling among fans of the series and not only. In the second place it happened thanks to the incredible abilities of the software to make the best photos in the market of mobile photos using only one camera module. But first the buzz around new products was a lot because of their questionable design, and this particularly applies to Pixel 3 XL. In many ways, the smartphone was good but his design is a completely different story.

Fans of the company’s devices until recently believed that their favourite manufacturer don’t make your flagship such as those of competitors, in other words, I will not go on about the market and will be able to offer something unique, but it didn’t. Junior Pixel 3 still did not go with his design, because his front side was at least symmetrical, but Pixel 3 XL this all was bad under the screen was a huge chin, and in the upper part of it was the biggest in the smartphone market cut in the screen under the front camera and speaker.

Today, the network appeared the first leak, by which one can judge about the appearance of the upcoming flagship. Apparently, history repeats itself, and Google Pixel 4 if it so be called, again follows the trends of the market and offers us a frameless screen with a cutout in the upper left corner of the screen under the front camera, like the recent Samsung Galaxy S10+. Judging by schematic images, spoken and auditory dynamics will be located on the upper and lower Tirzah smartphone, and fingerprint sensor, which the image is not visible, probably will move under the display or the power button/lock.

We also see that the camera now has two modules. Given the fact that Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL and to this day are the best camera phones on the market, it is difficult to imagine what kind of superholographic we will have to wait with the next generation of these smartphones. I hope that the second Google, have established not just because they can, as do many manufacturers now. As for design, personally I liked the very thin frame, no chin and not so clear cut in the display under the camera, which we already know thanks to the new Galaxy S, it’s easy to do and completely invisible with the right Wallpaper.

How do you design a new Google phone? Better than the previous generation?

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