How will bump the Samsung on screen Galaxy S10’s?

This topic How will bump the Samsung on screen Galaxy S10’s? Appeared on Engadget.

In 2018, came Samsung phone Galaxy S9 which is considered a luxury, although its design is not much different from the design model last year. But in the next year or after, there will be significant pressure on the company to border.

Although Samsung is known to be the leader in industry developments more than to follow him, the future group, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note may be a specialist of corporate competition.

As some have reported earlier that Samsung is thinking to create a phone featuring a large bump. Hernia of the company to obtain a patent on a promontory located in the screen of the iPhone X, but instead of dialog, skinny, existing under or the bottom of the screen and the lack of stockings, revealing the phone in the patent for the screen from edge to edge everywhere.

The source said Ben Geskin to clarify the perception of how it will look this device already, and uncover the address for each of one and the back of the phone, where the back is already a bump up. It includes phone screen Super AMOLED covers all the sculptor of the facade, were not disclosed size but is likely to be a 6-inch screen.

As for the back, will be Dual Camera with lens coordinator of strokes, but is unlikely to be a patent indication on the plans of Samsung, the Samsung clearly unit camera near the fair to the back of the phone. For the camera front, it will be placed on the promontory, the company in addition to the sensor for facial recognition.

Apart from a patented extrusion, Samsung also evaluate papers regarding the screen edge to edge without having any impediment in any form, where you can take the screen edge-to-edge across the phone.

Back in January, has been monitoring the company with a patented contains components of the material within the display. Samsung will put the earpiece and camera sensor the ambient light sensor to the iris of the eye in put of its normal so that the screen is wrapped around her.


This topic How will bump the Samsung on screen Galaxy S10’s? Appeared on Engadget.

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