How will be affected by the drug market of the American picture “the Amazon” on the “bill buck” is?

Raised the news of the acquisition “Amazon – Amazon” on the health care company and the distribution of pharmaceuticals “bill buck – PillPack”, in an enormous deal valued at a billion USD, a sensation among the technical market globally, and in American Society in particular.

Of natural and logical to draw the mega Deals a lot of attention to it, and when thrown in the name of the internet giant in this era, “Amazon”, in it, the news becomes more important and more exciting of course. But the question remains, are those qualities important to remember that shadowing is actually on the form of e-commerce market and health care around the world?

Increasing advertising on that page at the beginning of trading on the day of a new U.S. stock exchange with worn out stocks of pharmacies the largest in the United States, CVS and Walgreens, more than 8% which emphasizes the actual impact of climate change to that page.

Founded PillPack 2013, specializing in the sale of medicines and medical products online especially for those suffering from chronic diseases and need more than one type of medication regularly, offering them the company services subscriptions to their real estate described injured by the occasion as renewed automatically, the company achieved a net profit of 100 million USD.

Maybe don’t compare those earnings returns achieved by CVS for example and which amounted last year to $ 177 million dollars, except that when you are combining the concept of successful لPillPack, which has already begun to achieve reasonable profits with the experience and customer base of giant owned by Amazon, the outcome of which is feared by the dominant currently on the market pharmacies American is to solve the “pharmacy of the Amazon” e-as an alternative for those companies prestigious current.

Look those fears are very logical in relation to the US, which is already a significant shift toward services subscriptions digital that gets the user through its on needs rotating in his mailbox regularly and without effort. But it differs to varying degrees in other markets around the world.

Still the vast majority of the Arab States adopt a different model for health care services and the mechanism of dispensing the medication compared to what is observed routinely in the United States, which are order medicines electronically directly to the pharmacy with which the patient, not to the patient himself.

The challenge of the other who fear major pharmacies in the United States which is a competition based on the price of the service, which it which good at “Amazon” strongly depend on them to earn a large base of customers initially. Again, beat on many markets the drug, the Arab organization rules relating to the pricing of medicines and medical products, which most often do not have pharmacies the group the right to modify its prices.

In conclusion, I have no doubt that Amazon is looking to revolutionize the market for the distribution and sale of the drug in the United States chose the first, except that, at the current time, I tend to think that we immune to those changes … temporarily.

The How will be affected by the drug market of the American picture “the Amazon” on the “bill buck” is? Appeared first on the tech world.

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