How users react to the redesign of the Google Chrome

Taste — a very specific thing. What to admire one, may be totally unacceptable for others. For example, interface design, who unwittingly joined a huge number of users of Google Chrome. Updated branding of the web browser companies so do not like users that the wave of negativity that swept the social network, risk spill over and bury under all the good that has ever done Google.

Over the last couple of weeks, Twitter and Reddit literally swamped in comments unhappy with the new design of Google Chrome. Apparently, more users are not satisfied with how dramatic the changes were that came into effect with the last update. According to them, such an interface would be better suited to mobile devices but on a desktop computer and laptop, he looks, to put it mildly, out of place.

Google Chrome updated — what’s new

Most of the negativity has caused has changed the way of working with tabs, the search box, which now became much more difficult. In addition, the update broke the mute feature on open tabs, which in turn led to the complication of the simultaneous use of multiple tabs, forcing the user to open one that makes a sound, and disable it to the source. Before the update it could be done without going into the tab.

In addition to cardinality changes, users criticized the inability to return to the previous UI, which is more consistent with their ideas about convenient browser. Getting no response from the developers, many are unhappy chose to uninstall your current version of Google Chrome and install the previous build, where the updated interface is under test, and therefore could be disconnected forcibly.

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