How useful a function of reverse charging Galaxy S10 in real life

One of the main features of the Galaxy S10 was the support functions of PowerShare. It allows you to charge any accessory, and even a smartphone with support for wireless charging, simply place it on the back of the flagship from Samsung. The intent of the manufacturer, this feature will allow users to remain discharged with headphones or a smart watch, which can be recharged, even without access to a power outlet and a compatible charger. But how effective is the innovation in real life?

Colleagues from the publication as phoneArena decided to test the feature PowerShare, obidevshis its usefulness in everyday use. As your donor, it was decided to take the Galaxy S10e as potentially the most popular smartphone from the classic line Galaxy S tenth generation. And the role of charging accessories chose Galaxy headphones Buds with a battery 58 mAh each, battery case for Galaxy Buds with a battery 252 mAh and smart watch Galaxy Watch Active with a battery of 230 mAh.

Wireless charging

First tested charger case for Galaxy Buds. It is pre-discharged to zero, and Galaxy S10e placed in a branded case made by Samsung, since such a scenario is most likely. After 3 hours and 2 minutes case signaled a fully charged internal battery discharge smartphone by 25%.

The second was Sami Galaxy Buds, which due to the lack of built-in miniature housing-in wireless charging module, had to be placed in the supplied cradle. Him the charging process the headphone took nothing less than 1 hour and 17 minutes.

Third was watch Galaxy Watch is Active. Charging through PowerShare took 3 hours and 26 minutes, depriving the Galaxy S10e 29% charge, which is quite surprising, given the less than case for earphone, battery capacity.

How to use PowerShare

Of course, nobody expected that the transfer of energy from the Galaxy S10e accessories will be in the ratio of 1 to 1. However, this does not negate the fact that in most cases will be absolutely unnecessarily losing a third of the battery life of the smartphone, just to recharge the discharged watch or headphones, spending on charging each of them a minimum of 3 hours. Thus, the only justifiable scenario for using PowerShare will simultaneously charge your smartphone by wire and wireless charging Qi-compatible accessory, placed on its back.

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