How to work ad blocker on Google Chrome browser

Ad-blocking is in accordance with the standards of the Alliance Coalition for Better Ads the place from the pool of technology companies and advertising major as well as news publishers.

In June of last year, Google revealed unveiled that it is developing a mind for ads built within the browser by the For Web Chrome, in order to improve the browsing experience, and during the month of December indicated that the AD blocker will be activated on 15 February, the Facilities for tomorrow Thursday.

According to the previous statements, the browser won’t stop all the ads directly, but rather just ads to the extreme, as specified by the Alliance for better ads Coalition for Better Ads, in charge of improving the experience of consumers with Online ads.

Now, publish the Google group of the technical details about how the work programme of the ban, as well as the interface of the end-user, so not allowed the emergence of pop-up ads or animated ads, or the ads automatic or ads while scrolling or advertising banners large, which means that it should be on the website to bow to the rules of the Coalition for Better Ads or risk losing ad revenue received from users of chrome.

According to the announcement, it will evaluate Web sites using a sample of pages, and depending on the number of irregularities that have been found will be given one of the evaluations, a Passing or Warning or Failing to alert the owners of the sites through a Google Search Console, they can request a re-review of the site after the processing of irregularities.

In case the site got on the assessment of “Failing”, and did not address such irregularities within 30 days of development, the Chrome will change all the ads on the pages of the site, with the message display to the users “blocked ads”, and adopts the AD blocker filters service EasyList, also affects the Google services such as AdSense and DoubleClick.

On a technical level, the filter ad blocker within the Chrome browser achieved when the transmission of the user to a page about whether this page belongs to the website I got on the assessment Failing, and in the case make sure it verifies requests for JavaScript or requests for pictures, and then match them with the list of URLs relating to the ads the Chrome prohibiting such requests, so as to prevent the appearance of advertising within the page.

For users of the browser on the operating system Android, the Chrome displays an information bar appears from the bottom of the screen indicates how to prevent the ads from appearing after it has been blocked at least one application, and users can override the blocking default to specific locations, while the interface appears almost similar to the users browser on the computers desktop.


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