How to watch video from Android smartphone on your TV

Did you know that you can quite easily stream videos from your Android smartphone or tablet on the big screen? There are many ways of watching video on a mobile device with large screen of computer or TV. About the first, we recently told in a separate article, but about how to transmit images from the smartphone’s screen on TV, we’ll talk right here.

Use the good old wire

Most modern smartphones and tablets can connect to the TV via the HDMI port, if the last it, of course. All you need is a cable that connects to your phone at one end and then the other end plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. After you connected them, you can watch videos or photos, surf the Internet, play games and use any app on the big screen of your TV. And even better that it’s a very easy method that needs only one cable. You don’t need a password, hacking skills, or Wi-Fi connection. And considering that most HDMI cables have a length up to 25 meters, you will have a lot of space to make everything as comfortable as possible. You can also find a HDMI cable long (60 meters), if you want, but this length will be a noticeable delay in the signal.

Go to wireless connection

If you just not a fan of wires, you can purchase a special wireless device, and connect it to the TV. Then this gadget connects to your home Wi-Fi network and establishes the communication between the smartphone and a TV.

One good example of this device is the Roku Streaming Stick. Another good option is Miracast, which is compatible with all Android devices running Jelly Bean version 4.2 or higher. Keep in mind that not all Android devices will be able to display on the TV screen what is happening on the screen of your smartphone. Modern devices of last years three manage it without problems.

Connect your smartphone to the TV to broadcast images to a screen on the first screen, the second does not require much effort. You only need to perform a simple set of steps specific to the gadget that you use and you will be able to watch videos from your Android device on your TV. In addition, there are many applications that support streaming over the wireless network, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, Vimeo and even YouTube.

How smart your TV

If neither of the two options described above are not suitable, maybe it’s time to find out how smart your TV is. Many modern TVs capable without breakdown to communicate with your smartphone or tablet. For starters, when you buy a new TV, look for one that is certified by the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). Many of today’s smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S10 and HTC U12+, can easily connect to DLNA certified TV, television console, Xbox One, or projector. The advantage of this method is that for streaming content from phone to TV does not require any wires or a special streaming of the gadget.

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