How to visit a black hole without leaving home?

Черная дыра

Despite the fact that black holes appear in many science fiction movies, astrophysicists still don’t know what they look like in reality. It seems that the time of ignorance has passed in part — researchers from the Netherlands undertook complex calculations and released a video in which a black hole can be considered in detail within the virtual reality. The project is implemented in the framework of European Union funded programs BlackHoleCam for the study of black holes.

The researchers gave people the opportunity to go inside the black hole, called Sagittarius A*, which is located in the middle of the milky Way. On the basis of her data was calculated movement paths of the light rays, which distort the surrounding space.

The example image below, the researchers showed how the beginning would look the picture of the Universe through the eyes of a man who falls into a black hole. The first part shows the undistorted space: red and green colors denote what a person sees in front, and yellow and blue in the back. The second part shows that a black hole increases the angle to see what’s behind the man not even need to turn his head. If the person doesn’t fall in the hole and resists the pull, the angle of view on the contrary, is greatly reduced.

Искажение пространства вокруг черной дыры

Based on these data, the researchers have created an exciting video that looks like a black hole eyes pull them to the object. In the case of this video pulls into a hole of a object is the spectator. In the interval from 0:40 to 1:41 the object approaches the black hole — its shadow, rising above the middle, gradually closes the flow of hot gas. Next, the viewer is as close to thick disk accretion and, therefore, before his eyes, almost nothing happens. At the end of the “journey” of a man comes out of a black hole one of the polar jet streams.

One of the authors of the study, Eino falcke admitted that they imagined black holes a little differently. Researchers have identified two results of their work. First, a detailed review gave them a lot of information which will help to understand the fundamental laws of physics. Secondly, the panoramic video allowed to talk about black holes to a wide audience in the most interesting way.

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