How to use your old phone as a camera recording in the car?

Surveillance cameras on cars is a really cool thing, you never know when you’ll see something worth recording on the road, these cameras allow you that before it’s too late, instead of the output of your phone while driving.

Full auto is very cheap at present, but it is also essential. But, if you have an old phone and are not using it, why not turn it to a surveillance camera recording the road on the car? It would be a great choice will provide some money, too, where you can use your phone Android old who owns a great camera, or the iPhone, with some tools to help will be ready for download.

Tools help

Since the phone will turn into a surveillance camera recording the road, will need to be connected to the network all the time. So you need a car charger cable, charging, where you can find this charger for the car 8$ from Amazon, and this cable 8$ also from Amazon, which is excellent products and high quality and you can use it and you are assured.

You’ll also need a base to install the phone on the windshield, where there are many products available on store Amazon e-including in this product is available at a price of$25, or you can install the phone using the rear view mirror of the car by this product is available at a price of$10.

In addition, you’ll need some apps to help in this process of analysis, so that most users prefer the application of the AutoBoy Dash which allows many of the professional nurses as operating automatic and when the car stopped, added to the tracking system and the geographic locations and recording the movement, so that will allow you to recording app Way time, location, and most importantly is that the app is available for free.

But, don’t forget!

The downside to any camera recording in the car also applies to phones, where the possible stolen, it is possible to perish because of the sun. So, don’t leave the phone on the windshield at all times, and you’ll need to remove it when the use the car, otherwise you’ll find your windshield. broken and missing in one day.

It is not recommended to never leave any electronics sensitive to inside the car, especially in the summer, as it will be exposed to sun and heat, and most of the devices today use lithium-ion batteries are flammable.

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