How to use the mode of “picture in Picture” on any sites

Mode “picture in Picture” appeared on the iPad with the arrival of iOS 9. Feature allows you to position the video in a separate adjustable window on top of all other applications. For some reason the option is not available when viewing videos on YouTube and some sites. Today we’ll show you how to get around this annoying restriction.

Before you begin, you must ensure that you set up on your iPad app “Command,” since all the action will be for us to run a special script.

  • After that we will be thrown to the application of the “Team” with a proposal to establish a new action. Agree.
  • In the “Library” will appear new label. If desired, you can view it.

  • Now we need to go to an unsupported site and include need video. Click on the “Share” button and looking in the list “Quick commands”.

  • You will be prompted to choose a shortcut. You will need our consent. Confirm.

  • If everything was done correctly — the video will be played in a separate window, the location and scale of which you can change at its discretion. During playback you can move freely on other tabs, without any restrictions.

You should note that this trick works exclusively on the iPad. Alas, this command will not give the desired effect on the iPhone.

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