How to use the many news sites from the interruption of Facebook?

We all know that Facebook is one of the basic sources of visits to news sites, but it’s essential for many of them, especially those that have established a forum to spread the word viral and bring traffic to through ads and encourage readers to share it.

But have changed the equation since the beginning of this year, where fell the importance of the social network of news sites, blogs, after that the modified algorithm unlike the news preference a publication of friends and family, groups, Videos, Live, on the Publications page of general links and news specifically.

What happens when you stop Facebook from work? Sure that social network is the largest in the world interrupted from time to time unexpectedly, the biggest outage we’ve seen was during last August, in the third of that month, click the site for 45 minutes. it was a good opportunity for observers to know where to turn traffic on the web and who are the beneficiaries of it.

Based on Chartbeat, we got a glimpse of it in the 3 August 2018, when click Facebook for 45 minutes and changed traffic patterns across the web at the moment.

What did you do to the people? According to the data, they moved directly to apps and mobile sites publishers (in addition to the search engines) to get their information.

Reflecting this window into consumer behavior broader changes that we are seeing this year around content discovery, especially on mobile.

Nice to interruption Facebook work help good news for news sites and blogs, this is not my words but his confirmation of the figures which explain the behavior of the users.

Despite the volatility driven by the challenges of the algorithm courses News intensive, the user demand for content (which is represented by the movement of traffic across the web) is completely fixed, but the interests of that movement is not fixed.

In fact, we have seen a huge coup in the sources that drive traffic to publisher sites since the beginning of the current year.

This is confirmed by the graph shown below, which confirms that the source of the visits to the main sites news is Google and this is a fact since long years.

  • Some facts that you should know:

Experienced traffic mobile traffic double-digit growth and surpassed the number of desktop PCs, which declined double digit.

On mobile, dropped Facebook by almost 40 per cent since January 2017, while the Google search is growing at a rate twice in the same time period, this means that increases in referral traffic search network Google may offset any decrease in the number of referral traffic on Facebook.

In addition increases the number of direct visits to the publishers on mobile and on the number of visits sent by Facebook to publisher sites, and this means that it is now likely that consumers obtain their news by writing the URL to the publisher or open an application instead of submitting it via Facebook.

  • Apps Discover Mobile content source important right now.

I noticed we also changed the habits of content discovery, where a mobile “inline” as a meaning, while the hits generated by traditional sources such as Yahoo, Twitter, and Outbrain has remained almost constant during the past 18 months, the apps a news is that are created directly in the experience of the phone or the browser Mobile is now investigating a large number of visits to the publishers, have seen these apps spectacular growth:

  • Increased attention to the suggestions Google Chrome, a news feed, custom built-in Chrome browser for mobile this about 20 times.
  • Achieved Flipboard strong growth by more than twice since last year.
  • Made stand Google News significant growth in the use of about 3 times since the re-design his Through May.

Applications compilation of news from multiple sources is not only growing strongly in the current time, there is also a blockbuster on the app download of official for months, news sites, according to Digital News 2017 from Reuters

Increased use weekly for news apps in the United States by almost 40% in 2017, the data show Chartbeat to App Users do not consume only more content, but they also are more loyal on average than visitors who arrive from platforms like Facebook and Google.

  • Interruption Facebook a great boon for news websites

Solved a Chartbeat outage Facebook using traffic data global across a sample of more than 4000 website, and provided a summary of what happened in the conference of the ONA.

Show the key data points that when you click Facebook, decreased referrals to news sites, as expected, but in return I got news sites to increase bigger activity stronger.

Traffic increased direct traffic to the publisher sites on the internet increased by 11 per cent then, while the proportion of visits to mobile apps publishers by 22 percent.

On the other hand, the visits coming from Google increased by 8 percent, surprisingly, that there is an overall increase in the number of visits increased by 2.3 per cent, which means that the number of pages consumed across the web rose up in this time frame.

This means without doubt that when someone clicks Facebook turn a good percentage of users to read the news and Google searches and spend more time on news sites.

Of course testifies Twitter and competitors in those times the rise in the number of active users, and platforms to facilitate exploration of news content that helps news sites in the use of those periods of time awkward Facebook.

Therefore the misfortunes of a fief of Facebook is to have publishers and news sites benefits, will continue to follow the news in general and read an important activity in the lives of users around the world, that’s why the successful sites invest in content and news coverage.


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