How to use the feature to adjust the depth in iPhone XS?

Needs iPhone XS on the amazing camera according to the results of tests conducted in the past period. And the best part about that camera is the feature to adjust the depth of the new, or what is called a Depth Control which allows you to adjust the blurry background image. There is no doubt that this is a powerful feature, but if you want to get the most out of them and get the best results, here are some tricks and tips on how to use the depth setting on the iPhone XS. Proceed with us.

كيف تستخدم ميزة ضبط العمق في آي-فون XS؟

A property to adjust the depth on the iPhone XS

Adjust the depth is the name for the new feature used in developing photography portraiture after capturing the image. As is well known that the pattern of the photo portraits made by Apple for the first time in the iPhone 7 Plus, and this situation to blur the background of the picture and focus on a particular element. Often this violence of the people. During imaging this mode, the camera is used to TrueDepth to create a depth map accurate three-dimensional, so that the use of the camera to what extent is the goal to be filmed. After image capture, that lets iPhone XS adjust the amount of opacity or blur when you modify the image using the slider depends emulator for aperture, you can adjust it and customize it as you want.

How to take pictures using the portrait on the iPhone XS

First, start the camera and then drag on the screen until you reach the portrait. In order to obtain a good image, must be the goal to be filmed on two feet or eight feet. This distance is natural. There are also instructions on the screen will help you if you go out from the border. You can also, preview filters and extra images and check them during the filming. Once you capture the image, you can move to the amendment stage.

You can use any of the following points if you want to make the image better.

◉ Tops zoom in to 2X and that means you’ll have to backtrack a little to the back so you don’t have to borrow from a person’s face, causing the distortion. The result will be satisfactory.

◉ Make sure there is good lighting. Because the camera iPhone XS enjoy the performance of weak in low light, as well as because the portrait love the lighting of course. As you zoom in to 2X, it will need of course to more light.

◉ Works portrait any photo was it’s not limited to profile pictures only. However, if you know iPhone XS on the face of the wave in the picture, it will capture and publish the image of the Porter high detail and accuracy. In other words it is capturing twice the detail photos of the regular three-dimensional spaces do not contain the object.

How to modification the property to adjust the depth in iPhone XS

Select the image using the feature to adjust the depth, you only need to open the image, and click Edit in the top right or top left of the screen as the phone language. You will see index adjust the depth of the bottom of the picture, or in the side if you are using the phone in landscape mode.


You can use the slider to “adjust depth” on any of your devices operating system iOS 12 this means that you can take pictures on your iPhone XS, and modification on an iPad

Been putting numbers on the slider to the beginning of f 1.4 to f 16 and this is the simulator to adjust the settings of the aperture, which in turn in the amount of background blur. All you need of this tape is to know how much camouflage or blur in the background, preferably choose the default mode f 4.5 usually this is true.

To disable sound mode on and off, click the plus sign, Portrait scratch in the top of the screen. You can also adjust the lighting portraiture on this screen, will depend as a result on the amount of fog Control Depur that you add.

Sometimes, they are marked the top of the image, in this case won’t show a slider to adjust the depth. To reduce the Opacity and haze you can use third party applications on top of application Slør to be able to modify the opacity as you want.

As of iOS 12.1 next you will be able to adjust the depth directly during the export to $ XS and not just after like currently

Have you tried the export using the feature to adjust the depth exclusive in XS? Share your opinion in the comments.



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