How to use the controller “PlayStation 4” on the Android phone

In case you have controller modern gaming and you have a controller “Bluetooth” will be able to use the controller “PlayStation 4” on the phone Android, it is possible to connect them and use them on your TV.

Here’s the steps to use the controller for the PlayStation 4 on your Android phone:

  • Phone your Android Go to “Settings” select “Bluetooth”, and then run it.
  • You must make sure that your phone is initially set to scan “scan mode”.
  • Through the console “controller” press continuously on the button Hi will see a “PlayStation”, with a button to the ” Share”.
  • Only a few seconds to start the light control unit in the luminaire to inform you that the status of the University.
  • On your phone from the list of Bluetooth devices nearby “nearby Bluetooth devices” you will find ” Wireless Controller”.
  • Click on it to start the pairing process.
  • After the process will stop flashing console, back you will get a confirmation that the communication process was successful.

استخدام جهاز تحكم «PlayStation 4» على هاتف أندرويدUse the controller “PlayStation 4” on the Android phone

In case you perform the steps mentioned above properly will be the process of communication properly, it will be easy to use through the console user interface phone Android your.

Is necessary to use the remote “PS4” on the Android phone is?

Control device the ” PS4” Of course no better with the controller “Xbox One”, but the phone options Android will be to the purpose, where:

  • Move your personal and the rotation of the camera can be through the analog sticks “analog sticks” found in “Modern Combat 5”.
  • Convert button to aim and shoot be through the “Share” and”Option” respectively.

استخدام جهاز تحكم «PlayStation 4» على هاتف أندرويدUse the controller “PlayStation 4” on the Android phone

Of course, not to comfortable when in use but with time you get used to it, you should take into account the different mileage when you follow that method.

You initially experience your favorite games and start to explore the problems experienced by, and fortunately a lot of games have worked on the reset buttons of the simulators, but not every gaming experience will be the best guide.

In case you have the game to enable the reset buttons of the simulators go into it would be a lot easier, some games such as “Fortnite” I made sure to set the controller in the future.

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