How to use the commands the program hd video converter to convert video

Related programs the video of them worth including, but a real benefit, and most users need to edit some videos and do some editing existing features in the video which the duration of the video and quality of it also, including the objective of reducing the size of the big .

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And because the user will be in the circle of confusion from him at the Battle of the best programs to edit and convert video. We have prepared this topic for the best program to convert video and remixing it is hd video converter that contains a set of features rarely found in similar programs don’t.

About the program hd video converter

One of the video programs possible, through which the user can accelerate any video from all quarters both the quality or time period of the video, it gives the user full powers in respect of the amendment to the videos, offers several advantages in it and the most important analysis of the video, where you can convert the video you want on the video program once the utmost of professionalism and will not be in need of programs to help, this software is also incompatible with all Windows systems, thus you won’t find there is a problem in downloading, use it very simple as we will see in the subject.

كيفية إستخدام برنامج hd video converter لتحويل الفيديوHow to use the program hd video converter to convert video

How to use the program hd video converter to convert video

  • After downloading the program on your computer, you can open it directly and it will show you the main interface in which a group of orders.

Add File

  • This Add File function to load the file required by the amendment, which you have downloaded from your device.
  • All you have to do is click on it, selection of the quality open the file you want video or want sound through the stock.

Download Video

  • This is specialized in download video but on the internet and not from your device.
  • And to download video from the internet. the program copy the video link and click on Download.

This Option

  • This or the tape will find it at the top through which it can display a set of menu full of options for the program.
  • Through this command you can move full speed downloads and in all assets of the processor.
  • Control number of videos which your device can download them one at a time.
  • Through this also you can modify the video quality as you want.


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