How to use the codes en Emoji on samsung galaxy s 9

Way work among Galaxy S 9 en Emoji new

Come phones Samsung new flagship Samsung Galaxy S 9 walls s 9 plus symbols en Emoji which allow analyzing your profile picture to a emoji in just a few seconds and then watch it as emoji to friends in text messages within media applications including Facebook application Messenger and other applications.

But not limited to, the possibility of establishing an emoji only, but you can record a small video and upload it to the emoji excited, and Samsung to integrate the techniques of augmented reality in its new smartphones which can you convert your profile picture to a picture of a cartoon able to express your features and not only that but and to your friends what you feel, you won’t need to write many words to connect what you wish to your friends, but enough to send a code en Emoji to them, the smartphone uses a technique of deep learning that can draw a three-dimensional image of the attributes of your face, With phone Galaxy the s 9 New you’ll be able to create emoji icon static or animated with a transition in hairstyle, clothes, glasses, and Samsung to provide more control options in the next updates of the phone during the We to codes, augmented reality Samsung the form of a detailed and how to use them.

What are the codes en Emoji’s?

Codes en Emoji is somewhat similar to the codes Animoji own homemade but instead of using specific codes traditional you can create an emoji through the use of front or back camera where you can capture the image and convert in seconds to the emoticons and send them to friends.

Once established, codes en Emoji, you can send it to others as the or as excited.

How to create codes en Emoji

Create emoji en Emoji is very easy and takes only a few seconds in good lighting conditions you will need to remove any glasses you wear and the offset of hair on your face.

  • Open the camera application on the Samsung Galaxy S9.
فتح الكاميرا لعمل AR Emoji
The camera is open for EN Emoji
  • Click on sign en Emoji at the top.
  • Click on create emoji My Emoji.
  • Specify male or female and then click on next.
  • Choose the shape of the face and use the slider to adjust the color of the skin.
S9 AR Emoji
S9 en Emoji
  • Click on Options to adjust the hair at the bottom.
  • Choosing hair style and color.
اختيار شكل و نمط الشعر AR Emoji
Choose the shape and style hair en Emoji
  • Pressure on the glasses and select the glasses you want to use if you want.
  • Pressure on outfit options and determine what suits you best.
حفظ الشكل النهائي للايموجي
Save the final look see
  • Click the option OK when you are finished.

Through the previous steps you have set up emoji en Emoji it must be noted that there is not a lot of hairstyles, glasses, or clothing options but may change that over time.

How to use the codes en Emoji emoji

After the establishment of the emoji of augmented reality there are a number of ways that you can use it where here’s how to do it.

How to capture a photo or video and upload it to the code en Emoji

  • Open the camera application.
  • Click on the option en Emoji
  • Click on one of the emoji you’ve created.
ضبط شكل الوجه لعمل AR Emoji
Adjust the shape of the face for EN Emoji
  • Clicking the option to capture the Shutter to capture the photo or click on the recorded Record to record a video.
  • And then access to your photo gallery to share the picture or video you have taken.

How to send stickers expressive or animated emoticons codes augmented reality

When you create a code en Emoji, the phone will automatically create a collection of posters, static and animated which you can use and send to your friends, as long as the application you are using supports animated icons

  • Click on the box to write text inside any app like Facebook Messenger.
مشاركة الايموجي على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي
Watch anime on social networking sites
  • Clicking on the icon labels inside the keyboard.
  • Clicking on the icon en you want to use.
  • Scroll to find the symbol that you want to use and click on it.

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