How to use the arms control PlayStation 4 Android

If you enjoy your console games recently, it is possible to use the control arm your In order to play some of the hottest games on Android phones, this is because most arms of the modern control become used to the Bluetooth Standard, or include it as one of the means of communication by others, let us use the day how he did it.

What you need

We need to first of course to make sure there is an arm Controller DualShock 4 with PlayStation 4, unlike the arm Controller Xbox one, come all arms of the controller DualShock 4 with Bluetooth, and if you don’t have this arm, can be easily purchased from Amazon at the price of 47$ with a discount of 22% across the pressure here.

How to use a joystick PlayStation 4 on Android?

After getting the control arm and put it near your phone, you will be the process of delivery very easy via the following steps:

  1. Make sure you activate Bluetooth in your phone settings making sure to run the capture mode other devices.
  2. Through the control arm, press the all of button PlayStation button joint at the same time for several seconds stationary, and then will start light control flashing to teach you that it is ready to connect with another device.
  3. We go back to the phone where you should find the device name of the Wireless Controller in the devices list near the inside of the tab Bluetooth, then press it to connect it to the phone.
  4. Will stop after a lights controller for the flash will be able to use the arm for the Android interface.

Potential problems

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We may face a problem in some games where the buttons to shoot and light are the buttons of choice and participation in the agricultural transformation, which will be difficult to experience the play fun is certainly due to the presence of the hand in an uncomfortable position in order to play, but there are several games which modify the functions of the buttons of the control arm, so you can use this option to use the buttons that you want.

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