How to use the Android app Messages on the computer

A few days ago, Google announced Google for a new feature in Messaging app of Android Android Messages, and allows to use it with on the web, just as did the application of instant messaging WhatsApp WhatsApp almost two years ago, it became possible to use the full characteristics and advantages of the personal computer PC.

In order to use the application to messages Android Messages on your personal computer, you must install the app via Google Play, or update it if it’s installed on the phone, we also need to make the app is the default app for messaging on the phone, here are the steps to use the app.

(1) Install the application to messages Android Messages via Google Play, or update it if already installed on the phone.

(2) Open the app after it is installed, and press Next from the opening screen, then the approval of Yes to be the application is the default application to manage messages to your phone.

(3) Now you are inside the application messages Android, shows inside are all the SMS messages on your phone.

(4) Open the app on the web browser on the personal computer PC, in the same way almost that is done open the application WhatsApp WhatsApp on the web, open the menu in the top right of the app, which appear on the image of the three horizontal points ( … ), then choose the Messages for the Web.

(5) the app will ask you to do a sweep scan the code that appears in front of you when you open your computer browser, and connect to the following address: The tops of the approval of any of the powers requested by the application, such as the validity of the image capture and video recording.

(6) After a survey scan code, will open the app messages android on the web, it will appear in the left all the messages on your phone, you will be able to choose any person or number, and start Exchanging Messages with them via the web, you can manage your messages via the web, where you can delete any messages to turn on your phone, it has become the phone and the computer are connected now in the management of the messages to each other.

(7) It is important to keep your phone connected to the internet throughout your use of the application messages android on PC computers, then the loss of contact, you can’t perform any activity on the messages.

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