How to use service Samsung Cloud Samsung cloud backup service

How cloud storage use Samsung Cloud

You can cloud storage and backup of the Google Service Google Drive. google drive , but also enjoy the users of iPhone service I Claude which allows them to backup their data and store it in encrypted form on the servers of the Apple TV with the possibility to restore them at any time, at which time they do not come in Samsung phones Galaxy This of water in general but not anymore. Where he has been enabled to service cloud storage for free through Samsung Cloud Samsung cloud phones Android or program iCloud to Android as looking for a lot of people attributed to iCloud in phones faith ,and service allows Samsung cloud, automatic backup of data, applications, and synchronize data between devices different user without download program backup Android , in this topic from the website How does the technique know to explain the Samsung Cloud and how to use cloud storage service Samsung cloud .

Samsung Cloud one of the cloud storage services for free

The Korean company when it launched its phone Galaxy Note 7 has recently added the service to its competition, namely Samsung Cloud which is a cloud storage services and provide users to take the backup of their data on the servers of the Korean company is securely encrypted also with the possibility to restore them on any phone Galaxy powered.

It is expected that the company is working on providing this service in a different smart phones, the next as well as tablet computers, has received all of the Galaxy S 7 and S 7 edge on the update that provides this service cloud for the smart phones.

Supports synchronization of files and data is fast and where you can access them from any phone or Internet-connected device has authority to access Glen your account and the service in general.


  • Storage space up to 15 GB free

Samsung cloud or Samsung Cloud is the internet service associated with your account Samsung if you own a smart phone from the company. Service provides you with the possibility to work easily backup all data and settings to the cloud Cloud online. Samsung offers 15GB free Xen storage parents during the subscription, once this limit is exceeded, you can choose between classes of storage paid by your choice. However, this feature is very good and must be included on all smart phones galaxy of Samsung. In this blog, we’ll explain how to set up Samsung cloud Samsung Cloud and a backup of the settings and your data.

Provide Samsung through this service 15 GB free for users of Samsung phones galaxy in which you will their smartphones to various data including images, videos, apps and Settings and app data, messages, conversations, music and even calendar and call all of this periodically and automatically, to restore your data in case of loss.

Nice also that when you move to Galaxy another the future it will be easy to transfer your files where you only have to login and pressing the restore Restore to download all your files and data on the new phone through the internet connection and patience for a few minutes.

If you need 50 GB for storage and backup. you can monthly pay 0.99 cents for this service, you can get 200 GB for the $ 2.99 a month.

Explain Samsung Cloud backup service

  • How to work cloud storage service Samsung Cloud

خدمات التخزين السحابي التلقائية
Cloud storage services automatic

As we said earlier, the cloud storage service Samsung Cloud come to dramatically iCloud from Apple, where he works to take the backup of any new data.

Simply when you take a picture with the camera and stored in the image folder the service works also on lift and stored on your account securely in the background of the device, and any new data you add such as calendar dates and Contacts applications that work on the installation and chats that you have stored many of the chat apps on your device and also the videos which are downloaded and all other data is saved periodically and without interference from you only activate the services in your phone.

Cloud storage without download backup software for Android

Cloud Samsung cloud is an online backup service without download any application from the backup apps available in the store Android Google Play , that’s where the backup files of the phone and all he needs ensures and protects valuable data in several locations, an off-site server which means the protection of data even if your phone is damaged or data lost on local disks for any reasons. If you have a Samsung phone or tablet, you may want to backup all important data mobile to the cloud.

The service supports backups of all the default apps in the phone with its data, as you say Samsung it supports “selection” of other applications, it seems that the service will gradually begin to support more apps famous. Add to that can work the backup for the phone and the method of arrangement of icons, and User Settings, and of course your photos, files and contacts, so back your data have also been retrieved for a new phone like.

In addition the service supports sync feature, where will the information, Data Sync and always on all of your devices in case of owning more than a phone or tablet.

  • How to activate cloud storage service Samsung Cloud

I have recently appeared many applications that provide cloud storage service, perhaps the best known is Google Drive, and it is logical that smart phones can be with these storage services and take a backup and save it online away from other content. Here we’re talking about Samsung service cloud and therefore you know the way to activate this service on cell phones Samsung :

خدمة التخزين السحابي Samsung Cloud
Cloud storage service Samsung Cloud

For phones supported like Galaxy S 7 and S 7 edge value to the phone settings and then the option to cloud accounts and Cloud and Accounts then Samsung Cloud you can activate the backup as that, you can specify the all applications and file types that you want to take backup of data periodically.

You can click on the more button in the top right to show more settings such as the button “Sync now” or even Sync now.

All the default apps in the phone supported by this service including the city of photos, videos and music face contact and calendar but you can also take backup copy to arrange the application icons on the Home screen and different settings.

You can select all the items and applications that don’t want to lose their data and you can invest that gas is important not to fill the storage space free initially quickly.

It is the service you can see all files, applications and settings stored and also the volume of data consumed as a result of the exploitation of the available space you have.

You can access your files in the Samsung Cloud from various devices that support the service easily.

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