How to use office Suite Google without Internet connection?

Google Documents, spreadsheets and Presentations can be called the most convenient means of performing office work. Microsoft Office has both a web version and a desktop, however its size is rather large, and sets this solution is not very fast. Office Suite Google, by contrast, weighs very little and has minimum functionality. So how do you use it offline? Let’s look at this issue.

First we need to download the Google Chrome browser (probably you have it already installed). Next, go to this link and install the extension. You can, of course, go to the extensions page manually. To do this, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner -> more tools -> extensions. In the menu that opens by clicking on the 3 stripes in the top left corner, bottom there is a button “to Open the Chrome web store”. Click on it, then in the search look for the “Edit with Office”.

After installing the extension in the top right corner you will see a small round button. Clicking on it, you can create a new Excel document, Word or PowerPoint. To open existing Office files, simply drag them into the browser window.

Android smartphone

With a PC figured out, it’s time to explore the and Android solution. To use Google Documents, Tables or Presentations offline, you need the phone to install the app from Google Play. After setting in the document settings you can activate the function “Avaliable Offline” (available offline). That’s all! Now on Android-smartphone and a PC, you can use office Suite Google without Internet connection.

Linux users can consider the package LibreOffice. It weighs significantly less than Microsoft Office and offers decent functionality. Office and what solutions do you use? Share your choice in comments and subscribe us via Telegram.

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