How to use Motion Sense for Google Pixel 4

Google this year has really been generous with the innovations. Fresh Google Pixel 4 is literally filled with them almost to the eyeballs. But the most interesting is the option called Motion Sense. It uses a special chip Project Soli embedded in all smartphones line “pixel” flagships. Motion Sense allows you to use gestures to control certain parameters of the smartphone without having to touch to the gadget. Let’s understand how to use Motion Sense on smartphones Google Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4 has a rather interesting use

The contents

How to use Motion Sense control for multimedia files

It’s probably one of the most useful features Motion Sense, which allows you to move to the next or previous song. Phone to unlock is not necessary. He can lie down on the table and you just need to skip right to skip to the next song or left to go back to the beginning of the track and hear the previous one.

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It supports not only official Google music app, but also third-party services, if they managed to “roll out” a version for the Pixel 4. If your favorite music service still does not support innovation, just wait a while. With the nearest update you will be able to switch songs like a true Jedi.

How to use Motion Sense for alarm clock and other signals

This is another quite useful option is Motion Sense. You can quickly disable the alarm without having to mess with the phone. And everything works here is quite interesting. First, when your hand approaches the phone, the smartphone is slightly muffle the alarm, which in itself is very nice. Then you can “dismiss it” simply by swiping your hand over the phone to postpone the alarm for about nine minutes. But, unfortunately, the Motion Sense doesn’t work, to completely disable the alarm. Another negative — working Motion Sense only with a proprietary app hours, what is installed on Pixel 4. Third-party alarms are not supported.

How to use Motion Sense for calls

This works about as well as in the case of alarms. The ringing volume will gradually decrease as it approaches the hands to the smartphone. In addition, you can wave your hand to reject the call. However, if you wag to the left or right, the smartphone will turn off the ringing sound. It is important to note that in fact this action does not cancel the call, it just transfers a call to silent mode. Enjoy this unusual option? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

Do you need Motion Sense?

In General, all these features may look unnecessary. But actually this is not true. In fact all we have now are just a demonstration of what can chip Project Soli and Motion Sense. If it will be in demand (and many users love it), it is possible not only the development of ideas of Motion Sense, but further licensing of the chip Project Soli other manufacturers of devices running Android, which will find even more applications of new technology. And we will get a new experience by using their favorite devices, as well as a rather unusual way to control smartphones and it is possible that other equipment.

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