How to use Google Maps to remind you where you are parked

How to use Google Maps to remind you where you are parked

With the use of more cars, it may become difficult to find a parking place, not to mention difficult to remember where you parked your car, but don’t worry you can now use Google Maps to remind you of that.

The following is how to use Google Maps to remind you where to park your car:

In the beginning you will need to save the parking place of your car on a map, as you can also set notifications to data parking, by following the following steps:

  • Once you find the perfect place for parking your car, open Google Maps and search for your current location (blue dot).
  • Click on the Blue Dot; and a list of location options tap on the option (Save the parking place of your car)Save your parking. This will put a pin the map at your current location and mark it as a place of parking.
  • Check the pin map in the correct location, and repeat the image (if necessary) and make sure to locate your car.

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How to find a place for parking your car:

  • After the end of your ride, open Google Maps, Press on the search bar.
  • Click on the option (parking lot) Parking location, and then at the bottom right tap the Directions button Directions, to determine the place of parking your car quickly. Seen that all the options Google Maps to find your way to your car.

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To set specific notifications to the Office of parking your car, such as: the place where I stood, and stand, you can follow the following steps:

  • Click on the mark menu located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down until you reach the “Settings” option Settings.
  • Press the options (notifications) Notifications, then select an option (parking is saved) Saved parking locations, to turn notifications on or off as you want.

Additional advantages:

You can adjust the timer “time remaining” in case you have a few hours before departure, and will join Google to return to your car before it is too late.

You can also add a photo, and this is particularly useful if you are in a multi-storey car park, can help you capture the image fast thin part you stand your car in to locate them faster when you return.


You can also use the (Assistant Google Voice) Google Assistant to help you get a place to park your car, but as reports suggest better to use the Maps application instead. Where the Assistant works Google the approximation of your location, which may not be accurate enough to find your car in a parking lot crowded with cars.

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