How to use Android phone as security

Think way authentication Two-Factor Authentication of the most important methods used in securing your accounts, where they add a step additional verification to the login process to your accounts, and therefore require you to take an extra step each time you sign in to your account in addition to enter a user name and password you will enter another code, this code comes in SMS text message on your phone, or it will be the code consisting of 6 numbers, you created it with an app such as Google Authenticator or the application Authy or any similar application that provides the same service, Or by using the key to physical security which has become possible now through the Android phones .

Announced Google recently that it can be used any phone running the Android operating direct 7.0 Android Nougat or any later version as a key to physical security authentication binary.

If you currently use a distinctive factor authentication with your accounts, you will receive a notification via the internet or an e-mail message or an SMS text message on your smartphone to confirm your identity when you log in or deny access, but as we know it there are other alternatives for more security such as: buying a tool to secure use of Bluetooth Bluetooth or NFC or USB port to verify your identity.

This is exactly what Google Now relies on your smartphone that is running Android to become a security key, used Google in this feature authentication protocols FIDO and WebAuthn, to double verify your identity when you access your accounts.

Terms activate use your smartphone as a key to safety:

Related topics what you read now:

  • The phone must be running Android 7.0 or any version Android latest
  • You must claim the device -which you want to log in to your accounts – connect via Bluetooth Bluetooth and runs the latest version of the operating system Windows 10 or Chrome or ABS Chrome OS or Mac OS Mac OS
  • You must use the latest version of Google Chrome browser

How to activate the new feature on your phone:

Note: you will not be able to activate using your phone as the key to security if you don’t use the browser Google Chrome to access your Google account, as you will need to activate Bluetooth and location on your phone so you can Google from the Create contact check near you from the website login.

  • Go to your Google account through this link
  • Click on the section security section
  • Scroll down to Section access to the Google Signing in to Google
  • You will find the second option carries the name of the two-step verification 2-Step Verification, click on it

كيفية استخدام هاتف أندرويد كمفتاح أمان

  • Scroll down until you reach the option to add a security key Add Security Key and will then display a list of phones that support the feature

كيفية استخدام هاتف أندرويد كمفتاح أمان

  • Select the appropriate device then tap on the option Add Add

How to use the water on your computer:

  • Activate Bluetooth on your computer (you don’t need to activate your phone’s contact)
  • Log on to the Google account on your computer.
  • Check the reception notice on your smartphone that is running Android, then click twice on the notice “are you trying to log in?”

كيفية استخدام هاتف أندرويد كمفتاح أمان

  • Follow the remaining instructions to prove you’re you log on

Using this new method will become your Google account and the data it contains is protected better, it is expected that the development of Google this feature even further so that it is secured logon to websites and other web pages using it.

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