How to use Android in the car

When Android Auto was presented for the first time, she served for communication of the mobile multimedia system of a car, giving access to a limited number of possibilities of the smartphone. It was necessary to have a fresh car with. This was not many, and Android Auto all forgotten. But the service has evolved, and today, he is an excellent choice for drivers of any vehicle.

You do not have to have a fresh car in order to use Android Auto. Today, thanks to a special mobile application, you can use the service on the screen of the phone using the car holder. The service is so great that there is no reason to not use it while driving.

Using the Android Auto app you get convenient access to everything you need while driving: Google maps, hands-free calling and music control in a variety of streaming services. The application can automatically be run immediately after connecting to the selected Bluetoothdevice. This may be your car stereo or Bluetooth FM transmitter.

It turns out that once you get in the car and crank it, your phone can automatically start Android Auto.

Another plus is the ability to hear incoming text messages and voice response. In addition, you can set up an automated response which will indicate you are driving. By the way, to build a route, call and control your music, too, can voice using the command “OK, Google”.

Why not download Android Auto and start to use it.

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