How to use an Android smartphone as a webcam

Video calls have become an integral part of our communication. Modern smartphones are quite well cope with this task, however, to the functionality of bundles “PC + webcam” them away. Usually built in laptop camera or webcam for the money available give not the best quality pictures. But for video conferencing or streams is extremely important. But it is not necessary to spend a few thousand on an expensive web camera, because the camera is excellent quality there is in your smartphone. And it easily can be used instead of a webcam.

Today we will tell you about a few apps that will help you to connect your Android smartphone with your PC. And they work with both Windows and macOS. All programs, which will be discussed below, work on the model client server.

How to connect the camera phone

As an example, will be a bunch of the apps Skype and IP WebCam, but other products are all made in the same way.

  • Open the app on your smartphone and scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Run server”. Make sure your phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • After starting the server you will see the URL to connect to the screen.
  • Start the desktop application and in it type the same URL that appears in the mobile version.
  • After you have entered the URL, click on the “Auto Detect” button to test the connection.
  • If successful, click “Apply” to save changes.
  • Now open the desktop Skype app and go to menu “Settings”. Peratie on the tab “audio and video”.
  • In video settings change the camera with “HD Webcam” with “MJPEG Camera”. Now the video stream will be broadcast from your phone.

We start the analysis application with the already mentioned IP WebCam. The app interface is quite austere, but there is everything you need. You can set the username/password for the client application, or select a port for communication with the server. The app supports streaming of maximum possible resolution of the camera. You can connect to your camera through the web browser or desktop application. It is also possible to set the video resolution via the mobile app or through the desktop client application. Interesting — using your phone as a surveillance camera. The stream can be viewed in real time via a secure web portal.

DroidCam is a small tool with minimal functionality. Like other apps in the list, it is able to access the mobile version through the web browser or desktop application. DroidCam also provides additional connectivity via USB or Wi-Fi. This is a great option, as the latency when connected via USB will be minimal. Unfortunately, the app supports only up to 480p resolution in the free version. For Full HD you will have to pay. In addition, the free version has ads.

IP Camera Lite stands out from other apps that much free version does not limit the user functionality. In addition, supported by a whole lot of services for communication, it is also possible to use video conferencing not only a smartphone camera, and its microphone, which is often much better that is installed in laptops and normal webcam. In the free version you will bore the watermark on the screen, which is removed for a small fee. After payment you will get the opportunity to upload a recording of broadcasts on FTP and a few more functions, without which it is possible to do.

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