How to use Advanced Search in Twitter

كيف تستخدم البحث المتقدم في تويتر
How to use Advanced Search in Twitter

Dealing with Twitter differs quite from the other, the Twitter network is large and complex, maybe don’t have all the Jamahiriya networks such as Facebook, but they remain the first choice for lovers of social networking in a large number of States, notably Arab countries .

If you are familiar with the search on Twitter, for the word, or someone, or happened even, you can easily move to the Search tab in the app or go to words blockbuster (trend) .

But there is a feature probably unaware of her songs, which feature the advanced search or Advanced search.

How to use Advanced Search in Twitter

بحث تويتر
Twitter search

The Advanced Search gives you a chance great to get to ask him carefully, through a couple of tools provided by Twitter itself without the need for applications intermediate .

All you have to enter here , start the search from among the tools on its available :

  • Search for a specific account
  • Search for the reputation of the specific
  • The search within a reasonable period of time specific.
  • Search in a specific language
  • Search for Joomla specific.
  • Search in places of specific geographic
  • Search for (and mention) specific

Why don’t you start now a new experience in the sea with Twitter .

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