How to use “WhatsApp” and keep the bouquet the internet?!

SAPS application “WhatsApp” WhatsApp bundle Internet through the display of automatic images and videos while using the app and reviewing his letters, but fortunately, the app contains the properties can be tuned and controlled to stop the process of automatic download of pictures and videos, as well as choose downloaded only when connected to Wi-Fi WiFi to keep the data package on your smart phone.

(1) Open the application “WhatsApp” WhatsApp on your phone, press on the three points next to the search (lens) to enter the Settings menu of the app.

(2) from the menu, choose Settings.

(3) of the page that contains the application settings, Enter the To use the data, storage Data and storage usage.

(4) in the page that appeared in front of you, and in the section Auto-Download for Media Media auto-download, select the option to use the data phone When using mobile data, which contains the files that the application will download automatically if you are connected via the internet pack on your phone, you can choose to upload photos only Photos or sound files Audio or video files, Videos or documents Documents, by clicking on the box next to it to select it.

If you want to prevent the app from Auto-Download files, images, audio, video and documents while connecting to the internet from the bunch of the phone don’t choose any of them.

(5) in the same way, you can choose the files that will be downloaded automatically from your connection to the internet via Wi-Fi networks WiFi, by pressing option When connected to Wi-fi. I don’t mind here choose to download the app for all the photos, videos and audio files and documents automatically as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi WiFi.

(6) When you choose to activate the reduce the use of data Low data usage, will the app reduce the consumption package of the Internet to a minimum in the case of making video calls through the app.

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