How to upgrade your Nexus device manually by using the Sidgeoad ADB

كيفية ترقية جهاز Nexus يدويًا باستخدام Sidgeoad ADB

Is Updates Nexus OTA kind of puzzles — they come directly from Google, but it also depends on the consent of the carrier before being sent to devices on certain networks, this means that to get the latest upgrades for the OTA you must either wait for a few weeks, or work on the updated manual, the manual update has become more streamlined, so you can update the recent upgrade of the OTA-ordered one, without waiting for the necessary for several weeks to be updated automatically.

Although the method to display the old image of the plant was simple in theory, but it wasn’t always reliable – and sometimes does not work Google script, so you need to create a bunch of files manually from the command prompt. Moreover, it requires a software bootloader is unlocked, which is the modern way to get the new update for the OTA.

Specifications of the Google phone the new HTC Nexus Marlin

Using this new method is adirect sideload to download the latest update to the OTA with one mouse click. If you haven’t used this before, so it might be daunting a bit at first – but it actually is very easy. Moreover, it will be faster than waiting for the arrival of the OTA to your device, and talk to him manually through some steps as you will know them in the following:

  • The first step: get on the computer

Before you start using this, you will need to setup ADB and fastboot on your computer. For ease of use, you’ll also need to setup ADB in system PATH Windows. Then after completing the preparation of all of this, you’ll be ready for some devices OTA to your Nexus.

After that, if you haven’t done so already, you will need to have access to the list of options the developers of your phone and enable USB debugging. Again, this is simple, and once it ends, you won’t have to spend it again (unless you reset the factory settings of the device).

After removing all the setting items, go to the profile page of the OTA in Google. There is a legal agreement you must accept before you can get access to the files, but it’s just a model jumbo plain typical mumbo jumbo: how these files are provided to you by Google, and once you agree on the items, it will download the update.

Due to launch this feature, they are not available only the latest files OTA to each device. Here you will use the latest update of a paper security on your Nexus 6P in this tutorial – which is the establishment of MTC19T for people who are pursuing work in the region.

Once access to the Downloads, you have to proceed and search for the structure of your device. By clicking on the link “link to Link” to start the download. This is a pack OTA full, so it’s still great as a plant – body of your 6P is 910 MB.

When you download the file and install ADB, and be ready to start.

  • The second step: connect your device to your computer and reboot into recovery

Now connect the device to your computer. In the first time you do this, you will have to approve USB Debugging on this computer, and if this is your personal computer, mark the box ” Always allow from this computer “.

After that, navigate to the folder where you saved the file OTA. Shift + right-click in the folder, making sure not to select any file first. Then select “Open command window here Open command window here “ and it will open a command window the command window.

In the command window the command window, make sure that the computer can see the device using the following command:

And if it is connected properly, you’ll know the alphanumeric and the word “device to device “.

Then use this command to restart the device in recovery:

adb reboot recovery

Now you must start your device in reboot.

  • The second step: Sideload and update the OTA

Will restart the device on the screen as someone Android a small red exclamation mark. Then click on the button Volume Up (Volume Up) With press the button Power (Energy) to view a list of the recovery hidden.

Once the menu appears, Use Volume Down button to navigate to the option “Apply update from ADB” Apply update from ADB, then press the power button. This will make the device ready to accept the file OTA new.

Again, type the following on the computer:

<adb sideload <ota zip where to is the file name of the OTA your.

Once you execute the file correctly, start the file by clicking on the device. Will show the percentage completion in the command prompt, which gives you an idea when it is finished downloading. It will take some time, when finished, will appear a list of the recovery back on your phone, with select the option “Reboot system now Reboot system now ” already. Press the play button to start playback.

Now you can proceed to unplug the phone from the computer during the restart. It is likely to take some time to run fully, since the Android “improve the app” after the update procedure. This might take some time, depending on the number of applications you have installed. (Fortunately, starting with Android N, will reduce turnaround times significantly.)

And that’s all – I’ve finished the update OTA. Congratulations.

Although the control of the university to update the adb does not necessarily have to be new, but this is one of the everyday uses of real users. It’s the easiest way to get files OTA manually, especially since you don’t have to face all the problems related to flashing the bootloader or recovery or radio or system files new – Fitz summarized everything in one order.

How to upgrade your Nexus device manually by using the Sidgeoad ADB

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