How to update Android apps without Google Play

There are several reasons why Google Play may not appear in the list of smartphones running Android. The first China delivery. If the device was intended for sale in the PRC market, he will be deprived of access to the official Google. The second is the effect of new models of distributing apps and services the search giant, which smartphone manufacturers can opt out of Google Play, and other company information. But in this case, to search for and install app updates?

APKGrabber (download) is a handy utility for Android, which will allow you to download updates for all your apps bypass Google Play. APKGrabber he will analyze all the programs installed on the device and you’ll find a file with the update regardless of the method of installation. This method of updating will have by the way for those who prefer to pay FOR free of charge, by downloading from the Internet APK files of popular games, applications and utilities.

How to update APK apps

After installation APKGrabber to the device utility will be required to access some functions of the operating system. After obtaining the necessary privileges, it scans your smartphone or tablet for installed applications and automatically starts searching for available updates. If necessary, this process can be set to manual mode, when the search is performed only on your command.

APKGrabber searches for updates only trusted online sites like APKMirror, Uptodown and even Google Play. Why worry about the content updates is not worth it. All the files that are stored in the database such platforms are thoroughly checked by the moderators, allowing you to minimize the chance of installing updates with infected components. Thus, the update process via APKGrabber is no less safe than official sources.

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