How to understand that the phone it’s time to change

The age of the device does not mean that it is time to change, you need to consider other criteria that affect the overall rating of the device. Mostly, of course, is the perception of the owner. If he is completely satisfied with the phone, neither of which replace speech can not be. This article represents objective evaluation criteria of the device in question replace it.

If the smartphone is running on Android version 6.0 and below, you should think about purchasing a new phone. Of course, if you are able to install custom firmware, it is better to resort to this. For example, the latest update for ZUK Z2 — Android 7.0. The phone runs on the Snapdragon 820 processor, has a decent 5-inch FHD display, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash memory. Does this mean that it’s time to change? Of course not. After installing a custom firmware based on Android 9.0 the owner will get fresh functions with a normal iron. By the way, in AnTuTu, the phone is still going 135-140 thousand points. Thus, the version of Android is important, but this problem can be corrected.


Here the situation is a bit more interesting. You need to objectively assess the performance of the device because changing the version of the system will not affect the speed. If the benchmark AnTuTu, the phone dials less than 70 thousand points, should seriously think about his replacement, as is likely, the processor in the phone is either outdated or too weak.

A small amount of RAM, low memory speed and CPU causing system hangs and slow work. If applications are often out of memory when you minimize, it testifies to lack of memory, which also required buying a new device.

The lack of stability

If the phone became unstable (switched off) and the factory data reset does not help, probably problem with hardware. Flagman? The best solution would be a service center, otherwise buying a new phone.

Design, screen quality and camera

These are the factors which largely affect perception. If the phone looks outdated if the device screen is not enough bright and clear, if the camera phone you are not happy, it’s time to think about buying a new gadget.

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