How to turn Galaxy S10 to Google Pixel

Although Galaxy S10 and beautiful smartphone, software you have to the liking of not for everyone. One UI has undergone remarkable changes in recent years and is trying to force their users to erase unpleasant memories of the infamous TouchWiz launcher, but for some, it’s still nothing compared to is considered the apogee of the convenience and beauty of the interface is stock Android. Fortunately, the beauty of Android OS is that you can easily change it with just a few applications.

Even without resorting to “root” you can completely change the appearance and experience of interface of the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e. Although these changes will not remove One UI, they will give your smartphone a visual and functional form in which most things are almost identical to the Pixel 3. By making these changes, users who don’t mind imperfect solutions, to enjoy performance Galaxy S10 without prejudice to its software.

1. Model home screen

The biggest change, which you can do without rooting is use a third-party launcher. When people complain about the appearance of the shell of your smartphone, they usually complain to the home screen and the look of the icons, do you use separate menus for applications, etc.

Despite the fact that in Google Play there are many options that allow you to manually customize the appearance and design of the main screen of a device Pixel, the most “real” of them is Rootless Launcher. To install it, download the app from the link below, then click “Home”, select “Rootless Launcher” and hit Always. All your new home screen is ready.

Download Rootless Launcher in Google Play

Rootless Launcher has almost identical options to the stock launcher on Pixel only with a few additions. It includes a new widget “At a Glance”, which allows you to see your upcoming calendar events and weather. You can even enable special desktop Google Discover, which will be located to the left of the main screen, but to enable this feature, you will need to download the file “pixelbridge.apk” from the developer’s site, and then activate the item “Display a Google app” (display Google) in the settings Rootless Launcher.

2. Installed quick settings from stock Android

After the home screen replacement is our next target – the so-called shortcuts. Although Samsung very responsive and quick settings and is not the worst solution, it is still not similar to what we see in the usual Android.

Power Shade is application developed by Dev that turns quick settings in any smartphone what we have on stock Android, but with some improvements. After activating the menu “Quick setup” will look identical to the menu to “pixels”. This app can be downloaded here.

3. Assign the button Bixby launch Google Assistant

Branded voice assistant Bixby. Whether you like it or not, but Samsung intends to promote his assistant to the masses so actively that even sets on their smartphones separate hardware button to call it. Although disabling this button will bring you closer to stock Android, there is a much better way to make your Galaxy S10 was more like a Pixel.

With the new generation of smartphones Pixel, Google added its own hardware access method to its voice assistant, known as Active Edge. While the Galaxy S10 will not allow you to compress just the smartphone in your hand to summon the helper, you can do the following: use the button Bixby to launch Google Assistant.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure that Bixby updated, and then install Google now. Start the Bixby and select “Quick commands” (fast commands) the pop-up menu, then press +. Enter “Google” in the field above, click on “Add a command” (add command), then type in “Launch Assistant” (start assistant). Return to the main screen Bixby, choose “Settings” (settings) in the pop-up menu, go to “Bixby key”, then select “Double press to open Bixby” (double tap to run Bixby). Finally, activate the option “Use single press” (to use a single-click) and set it to run the command “Google” that we added before.

Now, when you press Bixby, starts Google now. You will still have access to voice control Bixby by double-clicking, but to be able with one button to run two voice assistant even better than on smartphones Pixel.

4. Installed Google Camera

As the largest manufacturer of Android devices Samsung has decided to use its share of the market to create an ecosystem. It has many applications that run the same applications with the “pixels”. As you may have guessed, Pixel these apps from Samsung are not installed, but instead on smartphones, the search giant are their own counterparts.

Probably the best branded app Google Camera, which is usually exclusive for the devices range Pixel. However, there is a ported version of this app which works on any smartphone and can certainly give you better quality photos than a standard camera Samsung.

This portable version known as GCam, includes most of the capabilities of machine learning, through which the camera Pixel has become a true legend. Just keep in mind that the Galaxy S10 does not include Pixel Visual Core from Google, a hardware component that performs all image processing on smartphones Pixel.

You can find GCam for Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e on XDA, as well as step-by-step guide the download. We also wrote about this material.

5. Install the dialer from Google

Similarly, GCam, another Google application, usually designed for smartphones Pixel is app-dialer Google Phone. You will not be able to find it in the Google Play store, but third-party developers could work around this limitation and create a ported version that works on Galaxy S10.

Download Google Phone App (.apk) from APKMirror

To install this ported version is easier than the app GCam. However, keep in mind that you need to install it as an application that will run by default. So go to Settings and select “Applications”, then press the menu button in the upper right corner and select “default Applications” and then as a dialer by default, select the Google Phone.

6. Installed several stock Google apps

In addition to applications that you must download from third-party sources, most applications Pixel by default can be found in the Play store. Many of them are already preinstalled on your S10, but the completion of “pixelation” of your “galaxy”, here is a list of several applications on smartphones Pixel.

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