How to transfer data from your old Galaxy to a new

There was a time when “moving” from one phone to another, and in the investigation and transfer all the data from the first to the second was a puzzle. Years passed and the developers of mobile software does not stand still, and developed a special application that allows you to transfer data with just a few simple movements, without spending a single nerve cell. Here various brands, including Samsung, have developed and released their software for data transfer, called Smart Switch, which is designed to ease the life of users and help them to easily transfer all your data from your old smartphone for a new one, without losing a single photo or contact.

How to switch from your old to new Galaxy smartphone with Smart Switch

  1. Make sure that both phone have enough battery charge.
  2. Every Samsung phone comes preloaded with Smart Switch. Find it in the list of apps.
    • If for some reason Smart Switch is not present on your device before proceeding, you need to download it.
  3. Open the Smart Switch app on both phones and tap “Send” or “Receive data” on the corresponding device.
  4. Press the “cable” or “wireless” on the transmitter to select the transmission.
    • Wireless phones will automatically contact you when discovering each other, and then starts the transmission and reception of data over a wireless connection.
    • If you select “cable” you will need to connect both directly to each other by means of cable USB-C or USB-A to USB-C is installed OTG adapter that comes with the phone.
  5. On your old phone, select what you want to send to a new phone; including messages, apps, photos, settings, home screen and many more.
  6. After selecting the data you want to send, the phone will tell you how big the amount of data transferred and how much time it will take.
    • If you are going to transfer a few gigabytes of data, it is better to do it via cable to speed up the process.
    • When you transfer more than 5 GB of data over a wireless connection be prepared for the fact that it will take at least 30 minutes.
  7. Click “Submit” and allow data transfer. For best (and fastest) results leave both alone at the time of transfer.

Smart Switch is not a comprehensive backup and recovery that will directly copy everything to a new phone, but this is a good way to fill in the many gaps left by the basic system backup and recovery connected to your Google account. Don’t expect Smart Switch will transfer all the data your individual apps or copy every bit of information, but it will make many small and subtle things which you will appreciate later when you just use your new smartphone, instead of distractedly poking around in the settings.

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