How to train the brain correctly?

We often wonder why some people are already programming at 9 years (like Ilon Mask, who was given a computer in those years), while others can hardly remember the multiplication table at that time. These and many other abilities are given to us by nature, but without proper approach, they can be lost with age. Or, on the contrary, multiply, if you constantly develop your talents, because science has long proved that the ability – not a diamond, but capital, which under a certain approach will be better than any precious stone.

With age, the situation is only aggravated. If you do not engage in brain training, after 30 years, memory problems already begin, lack of mindfulness, there is no non-ordinary approach to things. The brained brain offers already known ways, gives out banal ideas and in the same way meets illnesses and an old age. In the end, a person launches himself and becomes that "gray mass" without any fire and enthusiasm in his eyes.

Most of all the abilities of a person are stored in the brain. Many skills do not exist separately, but work together: for example, memory can not be developed without a decent vocabulary, and thinking can not be trained without developing a memory. Both psychologists and neurologists constantly talk about the need to develop these and other basic abilities, since incomplete use of the mental potential has a detrimental effect on a person.

How to fix this? First of all, using training abilities and working on yourself, which will help the brain to become more effective. In the process of training the brain, we constantly create synapses – connections between neurons (nerve cells of the brain). Accordingly, the more such connections, the more developed the brain (curiously, how many synapses in Ilona Mask). Science has proved that throughout life a person can create new synapses – the truth is, they disappear as easily as they appear, if not to fix these connections.

How to create and save synapses

You can train the brain in several ways – from ordinary video games (though not all) to the daily solution of puzzles, crossword puzzles and even trivial tetris (yes-yes!). However, in all these cases, cognitive abilities develop only to a specific level: afterwards, such training becomes less and less useful.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the best way to create and save synapses are simple exercises, with which help attention, thinking and memory improve. The most important thing is that only 15 minutes a day (better, of course), in order to feel the result in two weeks. This approach is implemented in the online brain simulator "Wikium" , the creators of which relied on research in the field of neuropsychology.

"Wikimedia" consists of exercises in a game form, so that brain training was not only useful, but also interesting. At first glance, tasks seem to be simple, but when you reach a certain level, you understand that it's getting harder to move on-that means that the brain needs a strong shake-up.

Before training, the service will first ask you what skills you want to develop – for example, do several things at once or learn how to concentrate and work productively. Then you need to pass an introductory test, with the help of which "Wikium" will assess the level of your cognitive abilities.

For example, a simple exercise like "Find a Number". And you try to execute it when there are several dozens on the screen!

At the end of the test, the service will select you a personalized program based on the results. After this, you can start training: each lasts about 15 minutes and consists of a warm-up and basic exercises.

It is convenient, that for only one training you can train both thinking, memory, and attention. Exercises are chosen in such a way that the best effect is achieved from their sequential passage. So, you can be offered to find a unique figure, practice in the account or find two identical figures among many others.

And it's free?

Nearly. Daily workouts are really available for free, as are part of the simulators, the rest are available to the owners of the premium account. By the way, in addition to the usual exercises, "Vicium" offers special courses (one lesson for free) – on the development of creative thinking, goal-setting, brain detoxification and so on.

A nice addition will be a detailed section with statistics, where you can visually see your results for a day or another period of time, and most importantly – to monitor progress. And he will.

Train the brains!

It's nice that Russian developers, based on many years of experience in the field of neuropsychology, have created such a useful service that helps develop cognitive abilities. Advantages he has a great many: first, it is enough to spend on exercises only 15 minutes a day; secondly, people of any age can use it. In addition, there is a convenient mobile version to carry out tasks, for example, on the way to work or home. Given that cognitive abilities tend to develop by their nature, they need to be helped.

Start training your brains

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