How to teach a child to carefully handle the phone and appreciate its

We didn’t see smartphones immediately after birth. Our children can see the smartphone in the first minutes of his life, when parents want to capture the memorable moment. We will not hide that our children always see us with a smartphone. In addition, they very quickly learn how to deal with it. Is it possible to teach children to appreciate this device and treats it with responsibility? You can try.

If you are a parent, chances are you remember the days when our pockets were no phones. Our colleagues from PhoneArena suggests an approach that will allow our children to go through same what we’ve been through. But do not worry, do not have to spend 20 years.

Go through the simple push-button phones with a monochrome display, then the device with colour screen, Java games and polyphonic. Only after that we met with smartphones. Not once they have a touch screen.

It is proposed to make our children go the same way:

  • Phone with a monochrome display
  • Phone with color display and poor camera
  • Phone with a color touch screen, slow Internet connection and bad camera
  • A smartphone without 4G and not very fresh
  • A smartphone that you would like for your child

We value smartphones. We know how hard they get, and what is the importance of new technologies. It is proposed to show it to our children. This evolution of the device for a child can stretch for weeks or months. You can then check how the child will appreciate the modern device.

You can start with the Nokia 3310, and then get the Motorola RAZR V3. All the best for the children. Of course, not necessary to proceed with the experiment, prolonging it for several years. Remember that mark Zuckerberg was himself, when his parents bought him at an early age computer. The child must understand the modern technology better than us, and use them more actively than we are. This means that he needs a smartphone here and now. You can just spend a little time to learn how to see the value. Show the child a clear history.

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