How to talk to Assistant Google phone pixels to 4?

In the meantime, you can get the Google start listening to you with the push of a button or by saying “Hey Google” or by pressing on the aspects of your phone, but series Pixel 4 has been submitted to introduce a new way to organize the app according to the site 9to5Google, there’s a new option you can raise the phone and then talk to him to immediately implement your demands through the plugin, you should occurs voice interaction directly after the lifting of the phone, where is performed the processing of the corresponding audio necessary on the device itself, so you won’t be able to others of access to water as soon as you pick up your phone.

When the Assistant Google available

مساعد جوجل يقدم ميزة جديدة على بيكسل 4Assistant Google offers a new feature on Pixel 4

However it is not certain that the “raise the floor” Programme Assistant Google will be ready in time to launch the Pixel 4 in the October 15, may be paid this post as an update at a later time, we know that there is help Google optimizer in the way, because Google offered some of its features, including a more intuitive way to continue the conversation with the app, will the next update also a Google of the answer to the some queries and to deal with some of the commands even while not connected to the internet, according to reports.

It seems that Google believes that the program represents a way to distinguish series phones Pixel really, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about the existing hardware on the way too, thanks to a series of leaks and endless apparently about phones Pixel, including 4 video clips work with older versions of phones, you will get Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL finally on the official version on October 15, we believe that Google may have some other surprises in the hardware also.

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