How to take backup conversations WhatsApp

Backup for files and documents is one of the most important things that should be each user’s smart devices and computers taken into account, because often users continue to defect in the devices can lead to the difficulty of access to important files, which often requires conducting a factory reset, thus losing these files.

The backup process will make you avoid falling into such situations, so that you will always have a backup of all your files and documents, including talks WhatsApp and files available, so lets the app to make the backup process easy, and most importantly, automatically.

On iPhone, the WhatsApp service uses iCloud for backup, and chat logs and account information is secure and encrypted, in on Android is to use Google Drive.

How to take backup of conversations WhatsApp

كيفية أخد نسخة إحتياطية لمحادثات واتساب

You’ll need to visit the settings page in the app, specifically the tab talks, where you will find there an option for backup, or in English Chat Backup, and through it you can perform is create a backup immediately, with the possibility of identifying the Times of the copy process is automatic because it is done on a daily, weekly or monthly, it is preferred that the process be daily, because you never know when you’re gonna update a problem for you!

كيفية أخد نسخة إحتياطية لمحادثات واتساب

How to restore the backup.

In the event you encounter a problem, and want to back talks WhatsApp, the process is also easy. But, you will need to use the same phone number and iCloud account on iPhone or your Google Drive account on Android, which was used for the backup process, so that it will synchronize information with devices across the accounts to which it has submitted files.

So that when you reinstall WhatsApp, you will learn the app immediately on the account of the user of the operating system will suggest you to recover chat files from the cloud service, by clicking on the button “back”, so that the surgery will take some time to reset all the files to the app then you will be able to lose its use.

It is worth noting that if you have large files on WhatsApp, you will need to purchase additional space in the storage services computational to raise the files to it when you backup, where often these services allow you to free spaces is limited.

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