How to take a screenshot on the Apple Watch

Not everyone knows, but the function of making screenshots only available on products such as iPhone, iPad or Mac, but also on Apple Watch. Of course, it’s not such a popular option as on smartphones or computers, but still can be useful in some situations. Today we will touch on this topic and will explain how you can simply and easily take a screenshot on the Apple Watch.

In fact, the function of creating screenshots works in a similar way that more “serious” device. But about all under the order.

  • The first thing you need to make sure that the option to create screenshots activated on the iPhone. To do so, launch the Watch app on your smartphone, go to “My watch”, then go to “Basic,” and then activate the option “Enable screen shots”.
  • Once selected the necessary information on the Apple Watch, at the same time hold the Digital Crown and side button. If done correctly, the screen “blinks” with the appropriate camera shutter sound.

  • It is necessary to take into account that the screenshot is not saved in memory of the Apple Watch. The resulting screenshot will be available on the iPhone, and it can be viewed in the Photos in the corresponding album. Also note that if you use the ‘Training mode’, press the Digital Crown and side buttons leading to its stop. To resume, you need to repeat the combination.

You’re done! Stored screenshot depending on the model will have a resolution of 368×448 or 324×394 pixels, in the case of the Apple Watch Series 4. And 312×390, or 272×340 — in the case of older versions of smart hours Apple.

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