How to sync contacts between iPhone and Mac

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كيفية مزامنة جهات الاتصال بين هاتف آيفون وجهاز ماك

ICloud service iCloud cloud Apple TV is a great service to save and synchronize data and files between Mac and devices working operating system iOS iOS, including Calendar, Contacts.

Sync your contacts on the iPhone is something you should do only once, and then when you add a contact or update expect iCloud to sync between all Apple devices whether phone, iPhone , or a computer, tablet, iPad or personal computer Mac.

Here’s how to sync contacts on Apple devices:

There are some notes you should keep in mind before you start the process of syncing and backup:

  • Update the operating system iOS iOS on iPhone and iPad to the latest version, as well as the Mac device update its OS to the latest version of the system of Mac OS macOS
  • Set up iCloud and be sure to sign in using Apple ID on all your devices
  • Turn on two-factor authentication for your Apple ID

First make a backup of your contacts:

There is no option to backup directly to Contacts on the operating system iOS iOS, so you’ll need to create a backup of your whole PC, so that you can restore this backup to your device without losing anything if any error occurred during the synchronization process.

You can do step by step to backup via iTunes iTunes through the following steps:

  • Run iTunes on your Mac Mac
  • Connect iPhone device to Mac using USB cable
  • Click on the icon of the iPhone when you show up the top right window of iTunes

كيفية مزامنة جهات الاتصال بين هاتف آيفون وجهاز ماك

  • From the menu that appears under the name of settings Settings on the right window of iTunes, click on the tab summary of Summary
  • You’ll see a pop-up window under the option to Manually Back Up and Restore, click Back Up Now

كيفية مزامنة جهات الاتصال بين هاتف آيفون وجهاز ماك

  • Wait until the backup is complete

Secondly here’s how to sync contacts to iPhone with iCloud iCloud

  • Go to the settings Setting on your phone
  • Then click on the [Your Name]
  • Click on the option for iCloud iCloud
  • Activate the toggle button next to the contacts

كيفية مزامنة جهات الاتصال بين هاتف آيفون وجهاز ماك

  • If you are asked if you want to merge Merge or cancel Cancel, press the merge Merge

If you already have contacts in iCloud, it will merge the new contacts with the old contacts and edit them all on your device. If the feature to sync contacts to iCloud may be enabled already, you may need to enable it on your Mac or any other devices.

You can then perform these steps on your iPad or iPod Touch to access your contacts on all your devices.

Thirdly, enable contacts in iCloud on your Mac:

Now you need to perform the same steps on your Mac in order to download the contacts that you have uploaded just to iCloud, you can this through the following steps:

  • Go to the settings Setting on your Mac
  • Tap on the option System Preferences System Preferences
  • Select iCloud and make sure you log in to your Apple ID
  • Check the box next to contacts to turn syncing iCloud

كيفية مزامنة جهات الاتصال بين هاتف آيفون وجهاز ماك

Will now sync your contacts via iCloud, and will provide any new contacts you add on your Mac, you can access your contacts on your Mac using the Contacts application.

The gate Arab News Technical how to sync contacts between iPhone and Mac

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