How to subscribe to Google Play Pass from any state

A few days ago launched Google service Play Pass to participate in more than 350 apps and Play Store Play Store for just$ 5 per month, but the service is currently available in the United States only and may be delayed weeks even up to the Arab region, however, there is a familiar way to participate from any state.

How do you buy your Play Pass from any state

A simple way is to change the state of the Play Store, knowing that this procedure prevents the Old State on the same account only after the passage of a full year.


1 – open the VPN application of your choice, and then select the United States. And you’ve nominated Our you best free VPN services by.

2 – go to the Settings app and look for App Store application Play Store, to rub off.

3 – open the application Play Store and open the side menu and then enter the account settings.

4 – supposed to see the option to “switch to the United States” which requires adding a new payment unused by the change of State.

5 – you can link the account to the accounts of the family members of the tab family, and this allows the participation account to Play Pass with 5 members of them.

6. Re – launch the application Play Store to Department Play Pass in the main interface, the not, facing side.

7 – Now click on the option Play Pass to be your definition of the benefits of the service the subscription. Currently, you can only spend 10 days as a trial period and take advantage of the subscription offer versus the$ 2 a month for a year instead of the price of the original subscription of$5.

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