How to subscribe to Apple News+ on the iPhone or iPad

In the conference Apple TV the former was announced a subscription service the new Apple TV allows Apple News+. This service is part of the application the news subscribers are granted access to more than 300 magazine and publications.

If you really want to subscribe to this service and read a magazine as famous as People, National Geographic Magazine, in addition to newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, here’s a way to subscribe to Apple News+ on the iPhone or iPad.

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How to subscribe to Apple News+

First, make sure you update your device to iOS version 12.2.

After that, make sure that you have a news application News. If you deleted it previously, you can re-download it from App Store for free.

Now, open the application News and follow these simple steps to participate in the Apple News+.

1) Click on the tab of the Apple News + at the bottom.

2) Click the Try It Free, then click it again on the next screen.

الاشتراك في Apple News+

3) Use Touch ID / Face ID or enter the password for the App Store as you would when purchasing any other application.

And that’s all! You must receive a confirmation to your e-mail with the details of the subscription as usual. You will then get instant access to the catalog of the Apple News +.

الاشتراك في Apple News+

Expect Apple News + vs $ 9.99 per month in the United States and $ 12.99 per month in Canada. As you will get trial period of one month so you can check it for free.

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